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Substation Systems

Electric utilities and independent power producers are under increasing pressure to ensure their grids remain reliable over a wide range of operating conditions and to extend the operating life of key assets. GE’s substation automation systems offer a seamless and scalable solution for automating and providing visibility to power system networks. Led by our team of seasoned industry experts, GE can develop, integrate and deliver a complete automation system that is tailored to a customer’s specific needs and requirements. Solutions we are able to provide can be as straightforward as developing a local substation HMI to creating a complex solution that is integrated with SCADA or DCS systems and able to provide Fault Diagnostic capability, Asset predictive diagnostics, Load shedding, and Secure Engineering access.

DS Agile Substation Gateway

DS Agile Substation Gateway GE's DS Agile substation gateway is an advanced solution for interfacing substation networks with digital control systems, network management systems and area dispatch centers (SCADA). DS Agile substation gateway allows SCADA operators to remotely control and monitor the substation in coherence with the operation of entire electrical grid. It is ruggedized and solid-state-designed to work within stringent substation environmental conditions.

DS Agile

DS Agile Digital Control System GE’s DS Agile is a fully digitized control system for substation automation. It combines advanced hardware, cutting-edge software and communications to provide comprehensive, scalable digital substation solutions. DS Agile is IEC 61850 Ed 2-compliant and its user friendly and fully customizable HMI provides holistic and accurate monitoring of the substation for its optimal control, operation and maintenance, maximizing asset usage while preserving health.

Substation Battery

BA300 The BA300 monitors the substation DC auxiliary supply to ensure the continuous operation of protection and control equipment and ability to trip and close circuit breakers.

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