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URC - Legacy
Universal Recloser Control

Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued.

GE’s Multilin Universal Recloser Control provides distribution feeder protection, control, monitoring and metering in one integrated package. The URC is suitable for new applications, or as a retrofit of existing recloser controls and can be used for both pole-mounted and substation reclosers. The URC offers several models, from basic to advanced including multiple breaker options and high impedance fault detection.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged housing and mounting bracket (NEMA 4 rated)
  • Backup battery and charger, test switches, receptacle
  • High impedance fault detection (HI-Z) Virtual and expandable I/Os to reduce hardware costs
  • Flash memory for easy upgrades
  • Common drawout modules High-accuracy metering, oscillography and digital fault recording
  • High-speed peer-to-peer Ethernet using MMS/UCA2, DNP 3.0, IEC and ModBus® /TCP protocols
  • RS232, RS485 and Ethernet communications ports
  • Multiple settings groups
  • Applicable to 1A or 5A CT secondaries


  • New or retrofit distribution feeder protection
  • Single to multiple recloser applications

Protection & Control

  • Four shot autoreclosure
  • Synchronism check, recloser control and recloser failure
  • Phase, neutral, ground/sensitive ground and negative sequence IOCs and TOCs
  • Phase, neutral and negative sequence directional elements

Monitoring & Metering

  • Current, voltage, power, power factor, energy, demand, frequency, harmonics
  • Fault location and reporting
  • Contact input and output status
  • Trip circuit and breaker arcing current
  • 1024 time-tagged event record, data logging and oscillography

User Interface

  • User friendly software and protection elements for easy setup
  • User-programmable LEDs and front panel display and keypad for local access
  • See Support Documents section for typical settings file, LED template and Pushbutton template for URC-F60R.