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XCA Test Probes and Plugs
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Three different XCA test plugs are available to provide an easy means of testing C-case drawout relays without removing them from their cases.

The XCA11A1 is a two-position four-point test probe used in testing C-case relays. It is keyed to the barrier strips in the C-case, and can only be inserted in positions 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc. These terminal pairs are used for current transformer connections and trip circuit outputs in C-case relays. It cannot be inserted in positions 2-3, 4-5, etc. It has contact fingers which are electrically separate, top to bottom, and are connected to standard banana-plug receptacles on the face of the probe. This test probe is furnished with an accessory shorting plug Type 0184B5461 which may be used to short out CT inputs during relay tests.

The XCA11A2 is a pre-wired test probe for use in measuring current in the CT circuits connected to a C-case relay. It consists of a Type XCA11A1 test probe to which a jumper and six-foot long (1.8 m) ammeter leads have been added.

The XCA28A1 is a full-width 14-position 28- point test plug which provides complete flexibility in testing C-case relays. It has 28 electrically separate contact fingers connected to 14 concentric binding posts. One side of the test plug is prominently marked "Relay Side" and the other "Case Side". The test plug is keyed so that it can only be inserted in the proper manner. The "Relay Side" contact fingers are connected to the black inner binding posts and engage the relay internal connections. Test leads with either spade lugs or banana jacks may be used with these binding posts. The contact fingers on the "Case Side" are connected to the outer binding posts with red thumb nuts and engage the C-case stud connections. Removable test links are furnished with each test plug for through connection, short circuiting and external wiring,. These accessory links are identical to those supplied with the Type XLA test plug.