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XLB Test Block Panels

The XLB Test Block Panel is designed for use with GE relays that do not have test facilities; an example being the model of the DLP digital distance relay without test facilities. The Test Blocks used in this test panel utilizes the same design features used in the drawout type construction of GE component relays. The standard test plugs used in testing component relays may also be used to test relays connected to the XLB test panel, such as the XLA12A or XLA13A test plugs.

Each XLB Test Block is provided with ten points. The actual number of points required in using the test panel is determined by the number of circuits to be connected. Two Test Block panels are available. Style 1 provides two XLB Test Blocks (TB1 and TB2) and is seven inches high, while style 2 provides four XLB Test Blocks (TB1, TB2, TB3, and TB4) and is ten and a half inches high. Both are designed for the standard 19 inch rack mount.