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  Industrial Energy Management Systems
Release 6.15


PMCS standalone software is no longer available. As an alternative, please refer to Industrial Energy Management Systems

PMCS seamlessly integrates the comprehensive line of GE Multilin devices as well as new ModBus RTU devices and systems. PMCS is the backbone of an energy management system, proven in over 700 installed sites. When combined with a powerful HMI package (Cimplicity HMI 6.1 SP5 or Wonderware InTouch 9.5), PMCS allows users to maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and reduce energy costs.

1. PMCS Configurator: Single Point Device Configuration

    • Device setup (serial & ethernet servers and event & waveform servers)
    • Testing device communication
    • Generic device-type creation
    • Add/modify delete register addresses & groups
    • Import & export features
    • Auto-launching servers in “hidden” mode
    • Periodic check on server run status
    • Shortcut menus to launch viewers (Waveform Client, Event Viewer and Comtrade Viewer)
    • Consistent GE Multilin software Look & Feel

2. COMTRADE Waveform Viewer

    • Data Display – trend graphs, harmonics, phasors and numeric display
    • Cursors – static cursor for trigger position and two dynamic cursors
    • Zoom-in and zoom-out
    • Playback of waveforms
    • Customizable View – channel, scaling and color selection
    • Time Stamps – displayed for samples at cursors
    • COMTRADE standards supported – C37.111-1991 and C37.111-1999

3. Tray Tools

    • Provides snapshot of PMCS Servers’ status
    • Launch/Start/Stop controls
    • Show/hide server applications
    • Quick status indication with color coding – Running/Close/Stop

4. Remote Viewer

    • Client for PMCS Server systems
    • Simplified PMCS Server configuration and connectivity
    • Viewing of events and waveforms
    • COMTRADE viewer
    • Auto retrieval of event database from Server
    • Event & waveform file transfer on XML/SOAP/HTTP
    • Trigger and upload waveforms on NetDDE / DCOM
    • Cimplicity Wizards for remote viewing

The devices supported by PMCS 6.15 include:

    • Meters

Meter Name

Firmware Revision 

(commnet communications option)
(Modbus communications option)



GE EPM 3710 Electronic Power Meter (New devices)

GE EPM 3720 Electronic Power Meter

Power Quality Meter (PQM) 3.3x - 3.6x
EPM 1000 3.8
EPM 2000 2.01.04
EPM 4000 3.8x
EPM 5000P 3.9
EPM 5300 / EPM 5200 (Mother Board) (Communication)


EPM 6000 1.0x
EPM 5350 (Mother Board) (Communication)


EPM 7300 Meter


EPM 7330 Meter 2.5x
EPM 7430D Meter / EPM 7450D Meter Analog ver. 3.0x
Digital ver. 2.8x
EPM 7500 Meter 2.0x
EPM 7600 Meter 2.0x
EPM 7700 Meter 2.0
EPM 9450 DSP 218/   2.1x
COM 223
EPM 9650 DSP 608/   2.1x
COM 610

    • Relays

Relay Name

Firmware Revision

POWER LEADER MDP Overcurrent Relay
(Mother Board)
(Commnet communications option)

Version D

239 Motor Protection Relay

2.3x - 2.7x

269 Plus Motor Management Relay 6.0x
369 Motor Management Relay 1.6x - 2.3x
SR469 Motor Management Relay 2.5x - 5.0x
SR489 Generator Management Relay 1.3x - 4.0x
735 Feeder Relay 1.5x
MIF II Digital Feeder Relay 4.0x
SR745 Transformer Management Relay 2.4x - 5.0x
SR750 Feeder Management Relay 3.6x - 7.0x
SR760 Feeder Management Relay 3.6x - 7.0x
Universal Relay 2.6x - 5.0x
PQM II 1.0x - 2.2x

    • Monitors

Monitor Name

Firmware Revision 

POWER LEADER Modbus Monitor


EntellisysLVS 3.0x

    • Controllers

Controller Name

Firmware Revision 

GE Fanuc MicroPLC Programmable Logic Controller


GE-Zenith MX150 (Microprocessor Controller) 6.0
GE-Zenith MX200 (Microprocessor Controller) (Microprocessor Controller) (Mother Board) (Modbus Comm Card)

735 3B34X

GE-Zenith MX250 (Microprocessor Controller) 6.0
GE-Zenith Generator PLC (Series 90-70) 4.1 
Motor Manager II 5.1 
F650 1.6x - 2.2x  

    • Concentrators

Concentrator Name

Firmware Revision

POWER LEADER Modbus Concentrator

Main Firmware 2.2
Segment Firm. 2.2

    • Trip Units

Trip Unit Name

Firmware Revision

Spectra MicroVersaTrip™


Enhanced MicroVersaTrip™ C


Enhanced MicroVersaTrip™ D 4.13 
Spectra ECM™ Electronic Control Module 7.2

    • Networking Devices

Networking Device Name

Firmware Revision

POWER LEADER Ethernet Gateway (G04)
POWER LEADER Ethernet Gateway (G05)
POWER LEADER Ethernet Gateway (G06)
(OS Version) (Firmware Version) (NativeCom)



Minimum System Requirements
    • 1GHz or greater single processor PC (2 GHz or greater recommended).
    • Windows 2003 Server R2, Windows 2000 Professional (SP4) or Windows XP (SP2).
    • Cimplicity version 6.1 Service Pack 5
    • Wonderware Intouch 9.5
    • 512 MB RAM (1 GB or greater recommended)
    • 512 KB cache
    • 40GB or greater AT-100 hard drive
    • 10/10/32 CDRW (not operating burning CDs while application is running).
    • 2 10-BaseT Ethernet Cards (static IP addresses only - no DHCP support)
    • One Parallel Port Printer.
    • One analog phone modem (no Winmodems).
    • Video capable of displaying 16-bit color, 1024x768 resolution
      (1280x1024 recommended)