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EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring Easy to Use Monitoring and Data Recording Software
EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring software for Multilin device monitoring and recording
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EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring is an easy to setup and powerful data monitoring and recording software application that provides an overall, integrated view of an electrical system.

With minimal device communication configuration, it collects critical real-time and historical disturbance data to assist with analyzing past or impending power system events.

Key Benefits
  • Easy start up and configuration saves time and cost by integrating devices using pre-programmed memory maps
  • Automatically generated, user friendly monitoring screens provide remote equipment visibility
  • Reduced integration time through automatic detection and configuration of UR devices
  • Reduced fault analysis effort by centralizing critical fault data digitally
  • Records and trends power equipment load levels for load analysis
  • Remote viewing of Viewpoint Monitoring system using ViewNodes or Terminal Services in Microsoft Windows Server 2019/2022 (Remote access requires Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (User or Device) purchased separately)

Key features Plug and play Monitoring and control Events & waveform Remote access Specifications

Key Features
  • Monitor up to 1000 devices (20000 data points) or 5000 devices (65000 data points)
  • User friendly drag-and-drop construction of single-line monitoring screens
  • Pre-configured memory maps of GE’s Multilin™ devices
  • Single-line monitoring and control
  • Trending of up to 5000 power system data points with 1 minute resolution
  • Communicate with third-party Modbus compliant field devices
  • Plug-and-Play analysis of power system equipment
  • Automatic collection of events and waveforms from GE’s Multilin devices
  • Annunciator alarming with visual, audio and email notification
  • Diagnose waveform fault data recorded in power system devices
Viewpoint Monitoring Advantage

Viewpoint Monitoring Reduces Commissioning Effort Saving Time and Cost

The following is an example of connecting and communicating with a 869 Motor Protection Relay to monitor relay and motor data:

EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring software reduces commissioning effort saving time and cost

Plug-and-Play Motor Monitoring

Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Motor Protection Equipment

Monitor critical information such as:

  • Number of motor starts
  • Learned motor starting current
  • Motor running hours
  • History of motor trips
  • Real time power quantities (amps, motor load)
  • Motor temperature
  View motor status using digital, analog and RTD inputs View motor status using digital inputs, analog inputs and RTD inputs.

Supported Devices:

  • M60 Motor Protection System
  • 239 Motor Protection System
  • 859 Motor Protection System
  • MM200/MM300 Motor Management System
  • 869 Motor Protection System
  • MM2/MM3 Intelligent MCC Controller
  • 469 Motor Protection System
  • SPM Synchronous Motor Protection System
  • 369 Motor Protection System
  • RRTD Remote RTD Module
  • 269 Motor Protection System
    Plug-and-Play Transformer Monitoring

    Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Transformer Protection Equipment

    Monitor critical information such as:

    • Transformer energization status
    • Real time power quantities (amps, transformer loading, demand)
    • Current harmonic analysis
    • Accumulated loss of life
    • Tap changer position
    • Hottest transformer winding temperature
      Monitor total harmonic content in each phase for all windings Monitor total harmonic content in each phase for all windings.

    Supported Devices:

  • T60 Transformer Protection System
  • 845 Transformer Protection System
  • T35 Transformer Protection System
  • 745 Transformer Protection System
    Plug-and-Play Generator Monitoring

    Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Generator Protection Equipment

    Monitor critical information such as:

    • Generator loading
    • Real time power quantities (amps, volts)
    • Generator running hours
    • Generator temperature
      Improve maintenance efficiency by analyzing trip operations. Improve maintenance efficiency by analyzing trip operations.

    Supported Devices:

  • G60 Generator Protection System
  • 889 Generator Protection System
  • G30 Transformer Generator System
  • 489 Generator Protection System
    Plug-and-Play Feeder Monitoring

    Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Feeder Protection Equipment

    Monitor critical information such as:

    • Breaker status
    • Accumulated breaker arcing current
    • Real time power quantities (amps, volts, demand, energy)
    • Synchronism data
      Easily monitor synchronism levels needed for reclosing of circuit breakers. Easily monitor synchronism levels needed for reclosing of circuit breakers.

    Supported Devices:

  • 850 Feeder Protection System
  • 350 Feeder Protection System
  • F60 Feeder Protection System
  • F35 Multiple Feeder Protection System
  • 750/760 Feeder Protection System
  • F650 Feeder Protection System
  • 735/737 Feeder Protection System
  • MIFII Feeder Protection System
    Plug-and-Play Breaker Monitoring

    Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Breaker Equipment

    Monitor critical information such as:

    • Breaker status
    • Number of breaker trip operations
    • Real time current, voltage and power levels
      Monitor breaker equipment with predefined screens. Monitor breaker equipment with predefined screens.

    Supported Devices:

  • MVT MicroVersa Trip Unit
  • EMVT Enhanced Microversa Trip Unit
  • GTU EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit
  • Entellisys Low-Voltage Switchgear
    Plug-and-Play Power Quality Monitoring

    Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Power Quality Equipment and Measure Usage

    Monitor critical information such as:

    • Power quality and equipment status
    • Load unbalances using real time and maximum and minimum values
    • Consumption and cost of energy using inputs from revenue meters
    • Amount of total harmonic distortion on the power system
      Instantly view the power quality status for critical devices. Monitor the power quality status for critical devices.

    Supported Devices:

  • PQM / PQM II Power Quality Meter
  • EPM 7000/7000P/7100 Electronic Power Meter
  • EPM 2000/2200 Electronic Power Meter
  • EPM 9450/9650/9700 Electronic Power Meter
  • EPM 4600 Electronic Power Meter
  • EPM 9800 Electronic Power Meter
  • EPM 5200/5300/5350 Electronic Power Meter
  • EPM 9900/9900P Electronic Power Meter
  • EPM 6000/6100 Electronic Power Meter
    Plug-and-Play Backup Power Monitoring

    Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Critical Backup Assets

    Monitor critical information such as:

    • Availability of normal and emergency power sources
    • Status of power source connections
    • Real time voltages and frequency
    • Switch status, timer settings and control switch position
    • Stored events and exerciser schedules
      Monitor the status of critical backup assets. Monitor the status of critical backup assets.

    Supported Devices:

  • MX150 Controller
  • Lan Pro UPS
  • MX250 Controller
  • SG-Series UPS
  • MX350 Controller
    Single-Line Monitoring and Control

    View the Power System Status on Customizable Single-Line Diagrams

    Viewpoint Monitoring provides the tools to easily create customized single-line diagrams providing monitoring and control. This powerful tool will communicate with supported devices and put the facility's energy system at your fingertips from either a local or a remote location.

    Easily Create Customized Single-Line Monitoring Screens

    • Create single-line diagrams using user-friendly, drag-and-drop tools with standardized symbols and components representing power system assets (transformers, breakers, CT's and PT's)
    • Import graphics to customize single-line diagrams and increase usability
    • Display power system values and status with minimal configuration through pre­loaded memory maps
    • Create customized or "virtual" monitoring points using the powerful Formula Editor
    Create single-line screens Easily create customized screens to monitor the power system state

    Monitor Power System Devices

    • Provide a system-wide view of the power system on one single-line monitoring screen
    • Analyze the magnitude of critical power quantities measured by devices
    • Generate alarm warnings when measured values exceed configurable critical levels
    • Create links to multiple monitoring screens to analyze power system equipment with greater detail
    Monitor Power System Devices
    Monitor the motors status and loading throughout the facility from a centralized location locally or remotely.

    Control Power System Equipment

    • Send commands to devices to control and change the status of power system equipment (breakers, switches, isolators)
    • Enforces required two-step verification process to the operator sending the command
    • Validates user's permissions by requiring passwords to be sent to protection relays or other devices before operation occurs
    Control Power System Equipment Monitor the status of the entire power system and control components from one screen.
    Annunciator Alarming

    Receive Reliable Notification of System Alarms from Devices on the Network

    Viewpoint Monitoring Annunciator Alarming actively monitors measured values and generates alarms. Alarms can be configured to be activated whenever a digital status changes state, or an analog value changes beyond any programmed threshold. Alarms can be delivered through multiple visual, audio, or e-mail notification channels. Furthermore, the Monitoring and Alarm Sentry ensures annunciators and alarms are always active.

    System alarms Reliable notification of system alarms in a single visual dashboard view

    Audio Notification

    • Separate sounds for alert status and alarm status
    • Audio notification of alarms and alerts continue until the alarm state is acknowledged by an operator

    Visual Notification

    • Annunciator screen shows the status of the monitored point
    • The alarmed point will flash in a color chosen by the user until the alarm is reset by the operator

    Email Notification

    • Alarming of any monitored point can automatically generate an email to notify users of the alarm
    • A different email address can be entered for each monitored point

    Monitoring and Alarm Sentry

    • Ensures annunciators and alarms are always active, even when the annunciator screens or the Viewpoint Monitoring software is closed in error

    Reliable Alarm Notification

    • Create alarms on monitored digital and/or analog data points
    • Configured alarm warnings delivered through Audio, Visual or Email Notification channels
    Automatic Event and Waveform Retrieval

    Automated archiving of event and waveform data from GE's Multilin devices ensures availability of detailed information for diagnosing power system events.

    Event Logging

    The event records from GE Multilin devices can be automatically downloaded from each device and stored in a centralized, system-wide, sequence of event record. Viewpoint Monitoring will continually poll each GE Multilin device to see if any new events have been added to that device's event record. Once a new event has been detected, the event record will be downloaded and the new events will be stored in the system-wide sequence of events record.

    Event Viewing

    The Event Viewer centrally stores and displays information about preset and configured systems events. Each event in the record contains the following information. This data can be sorted by any of the fields indicated below:

    • Event Time
    • Event Type
    • Source Name
    • Source Type
    • Event Cause
    Event records Create comprehensive, centralized, system-wide sequence of event records for analysis of power system faults.

    Waveform Archiving

    The waveform (oscillography) files from GE's Multilin devices can be automatically downloaded from each device and stored on your hard drive. Similar to Event Logging, Viewpoint Monitoring will continually poll each GE Multilin device to see if any new waveform files have been created. Once a new waveform has been detected, the file will be downloaded by Viewpoint Monitoring to the centralized data repository.

    Waveform Viewing

    View and analyze waveform fault data that has been recorded from a power system device in a time-based, phasor quantity or tabular view. This Waveform View utility provides functionality to:

    • Merge and overlay waveforms that were recorded from multiple devices
    • Identify the harmonic content in the monitored parameters
    View and analyze waveform fault data retrieved by EnerVista
    View and analyze waveform fault data retrieved from devices.
    Trending Reports
    Trending Reports Log power level data from multiple devices at one time.

    Create a Historical Archive of Monitored Data from Multiple Devices

    Data Logging

    • Log and trend the value of monitored analog or digital points
    • View logged data for a pre-configured, customized recorded time period


    • Create up to 100 customized records
    • Store up to 50 points per record for 5000 points logged in total


    • View logged data in a pre-configured, customized date range for trending analysis

    Archiving Data

    • Manually archive recorded data for storage onto network data repositories to reduce risk of data loss and decrease data storage requirements on local workstations

    Exporting and Printing Data

    • Export data into an Excel format for easy data manipulation and analysis
    • Print data that is logged in trending reports
    EEnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring – Remote Access/Monitoring

    Remote access to a EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring instance is optionally available through EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring ViewNodes (requires separate ViewNodes license) or Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (requires Windows Server option and Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) license from Microsoft).

    EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring ViewNodes

    Install ViewNode client software on a remote workstation with up to 10 concurrent ViewNode clients accessing a EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring instance.

    Windows Server Remote Desktop Services

    • Connect up to 5 workstations (1 admin; 4 users) to a single Viewpoint Monitoring system using Terminal Services in Microsoft Windows Server 2019/2022.
    • Implement security access through user accounts with configurable permissions
      • Plug-and-Play screens
      • One-Line diagrams
      • Annunciator panels / trending reports
      • Events
      • Waveforms
      Remotely monitor and control EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring with ViewNodes

    Available remote access/monitoring

    System Requirements
    Component Requirement
    Supported Operating Systems
    • Windows® 11 64 bit
    • Windows® 10 64 bit
    • Windows® Server 2022*
    • Windows® Server 2019*
    Supported Databases
    • SQL Server 2019 Express
    • SQL Server 2019
    Computer and Processor Recommended workstation:
    • Intel® Core™ i3 CPU or higher
    • Speakers (to support audible alarms)
    Memory 4 GB of RAM (minimum)

    * Remote access requires Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (User or Device) purchased separately

      Supported Devices
    device family device firmware
    ATS MX150 5.4x, 6.0x
    MX250 5.4x, 6.0x
    MX350 Up to 1.20
    Trip Units/Switchgear Spectra MicroVersa Trip 5.1x 5.1x
    Enhanced MicroVersa Trip C 4.1x 4.1x
    Enhanced MicroVersa Trip D 4.1x 4.1x
    GTU (EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit) 7.0x
    ELVS (Entellisys) 5.0x
    MET 12.02.02
    Meters/Switches PQM 3.3x to 3.6x
    PQMII 1.0x to 2.2x
    EPM 1000  
    EPM 2000  
    EPM 2200  
    EPM 4000  
    EPM 4600S  
    EPM 4600T  
    EPM 5000P  
    EPM 5300P  
    EPM 5350P  
    EPM 6000  
    EPM 6000T  
    EPM 6010  
    EPM 6100  
    EPM 7000  
    EPM 7000T  
    EPM 7000P  
    EPM 7000PT  
    EPM 7100  
    EPM 9450Q  
    EPM 9650Q  
    EPM 9700  
    EPM 9800  
    EPM 9900  
    EPM 9900P  
    ML2400 3.0x
    device family device firmware
    Distribution Feeder 3 Series 350 1.2x to 2.5x
    DGCM Field RTU 4.0x
    F35 2.6x to 8.4x
    F60 2.6x to 8.4x
    F650 1.6x to 7.7x
    MIF 2 2.40
    735/737 1.5x
    750/760 3.6x to 7.4x
    G30 4.4x to 8.4x
    G60 2.6x to 8.4x
    8 Series 850 1.1x to 2.9x
    Generator 489 1.3x to 4.03x
    8 Series 889 1.1x to 2.9x
    D30 3.0x to 8.4x
    D60 2.6x to 8.4x
    D90Plus 1.8x
    Line Current Differential Protection L30 5.6x to 8.4x
    L60 2.6x to 8.4x
    L90 2.6x to 8.4x
    Transformer 745 2.4x to 5.2x
    T35 2.6x to 8.4x
    T60 2.6x to 8.4x
    3 Series 345 1.3x to 2.5x
    8 Series 845 1.4x to 2.9x
    Motor 239 2.3x to 2.7x
    269+ 6.0x
    3 Series 339 1.3x to 2.5x
    369 1.6x to 3.6x
    469 2.5x to 5.2x
    8 Series 859 4.0x
    8 Series 869 1.3x to 2.9x
    MM200 1.0x to 1.2x
    MM300 1.2x to 1.70
    MMII 4.0x to 5.2x
    MMIII 1.0 to 1.2x
    RRTD 1.4x, 1.5x
    SPM 2.0x, 2.1x
    M60 2.6x to 8.4x
    Network N60 3.4x to 8.4x
    Bus B30 2.6x to 8.4x
    B90 4.8x to 8.4x
    Specialized C30 2.6x to 8.4x
    C60 2.6x to 8.4x
    C90Plus 1.6x to 1.8x
    U90Plus 1.1
    Miscellaneous MRPO 1.0
    VERSAMAX 1.0

    * EPM1000 and EPM4000 are not available in the IED Dashboard.