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HardFiber brick
Advanced Communications. HardFiber System. IEC61850 Process bus solution Long distance high-bandwidth HardFiber cable
  • Hardened switchyard interface to acquire all measurement and I/O signals
  • Robust and secure communications via IEC 61850 over Fiber Optic cables
  • Reliable operation provided by integrity and self-check monitoring tools
  • Save up to 50% on Protection and Control Labor costs
    Protection & Control. G60 Generator protection system
  • Streaming Synchronized Phasor Measurements
  • Industry leading cyber security including Dual Permission Access Control
  • Comprehensive support for IEC 61850 Process Bus with HardFiber System
  • Pumped storage generator applications
  • Advanced automation capabilities

  • A robust and secure process bus solution
    Today’s critical generation systems require more sensitive, dependable protection. Coupled with the introduction of new regulatory requirements and a focus on infrastructure security, electrical system operators need real-time access to device status and metering value data from generating units and associated equipment, to effectively manage and maximize operational output and availability.

    The Multilin G60 Generator Protection System sets a new standard in Generator protection and control with streaming synchrophasor measurements, advanced protection capabilities, cyber security features and tools and support for IEC 61850 communications.

    The G60 Generator Protection System is designed for any size generator application and is well suited for applications where the generator is driven by turbines such as, steam, gas or hydraulic. The G60 Generator Protection System also provides protection and control for pumped storage applications where the generator is used as both the generator and the pumping motor.

    As the first Intelligent Electronic Device to provide streaming synchronized phasor measurements according to the IEEE C37.118 standard, operators are able to maximize system availability with access to captured synchrophasor data to examine machine performance, including inter-unit oscillations, during power system disturbances.

    Providing the latest in cyber security, the Multilin G60 Generator Protection System includes several layers of functions and tools to maintain secured device and system access including, Dual Permission Access Control, multiple passwords, and security event alarming and reporting.

    With support for IEC 61850 communications, combine the Multilin G60 Generator Protection System with the Multilin IEC 61850 HardFiber System, to create a robust and secure Process Bus Solution. Eliminate the need for miles of long distance, point-to-point copper cabling that is traditionally required to obtain measurement and I/O signal data from generators and associated system devices that are interconnected over wide geographic areas. Utilities are able to gain significant reductions in costs and effort associated with the engineering, installation and commissioning of new and retrofit generation systems while maintaining and gaining real-time access to generator status and metering values.

    Integrating the Multilin G60 Generator Protection System and the IEC 61850 HardFiber System, creating a robust process bus solution for any generator station application provides detailed diagnostic information, secure control capabilities while reducing initial project capital costs and future maintenance costs.