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  UR Family
The UR Switch Module simplifies Ethernet networking in Substations and
Industrial environments and can save users as much of 70% of the entire
cost associated with installing Ethernet networks. For only $200 USD (List),
the switch module eliminates the need for using external Ethernet switches to create fault tolerant
protective relaying networks.

The UR switch module provides all of the management and redundancy functionality that is required for substation networking applications such as SCADA and IEC61850 GOOSE peer-to-peer messaging.
Features & Benefits
  • Reduced networking equipment and installation costs
  • High speed communications - (4 x 100 Mbps Fiber Optic ports + 2 x 100 Mbps Copper ports)
  • Supports redundant network architecture - Smart RSTP (Ring Only Mode), RSTP STP
  • Fully managed switch - VLAN, QoS, Port Security, RMON
  • Independent power supply providing switch functionality when relays are out of service for maintenance
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UR Switch Module - station topology
Embedded Switch Module Cost (6k) + Installation (6k) = Total Networking Cost $12k

Using the UR Switch module architecture, a redundant network is created by connecting a fiber optic cable from one UR Switch Module to the next through the set of UR devices and then finally back to the first device. All Ethernet communications to each UR device goes directly through the UR Switch Module.

Traditional communications - station topology
External Ethernet Switch Cost (25.9k) + Installation (13.8k) = Total Networking Cost $39.7k

Traditional Ethernet network topologies require that a Primary and Secondary port on the relay be connected to different external Ethernet switches to ensure that communications is available in the event of a loss of one of the switches. With the port density that is currently offered in commercially available substation hardened switches, one switch is needed for every 7 protection relays to create a network with no single point of failure.

* $200 USD List price adder to ordering redundant, dual port Ethernet (option K)

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