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10-Year Worldwide Warranty
Our unwavering commitment to our customers, to innovation, and to quality is exemplified through our 10-Year Worldwide Warranty, which covers the majority of our protection, automation, and control product portfolio.
We are reaffirming our dedication by consolidating two formerly separate warranty documents (Multilin and MiCOM P40/P40 Agile) and streamlining the terms and conditions for your convenience. Simultaneously, we are excited to now include our innovative Multilin Agile and Omni platform product launches under the same 10-Year Warranty!
We invite you to review the updated warranty document, which will take effect as of October 1, 2023, becoming a live document from that date onward.
At GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions business, we recognize the importance of your critical assets and remain committed to continuous improvement – from the initial design stages through product manufacturing and verification, ensuring long-term reliability even in the most demanding conditions.

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The 10-Year Warranty includes most Protection & Control and Automation products such as:
Multilin UR relays and GPM
Hardfiber devices
MiCOM P40 relays, P391, P591/P593
Omni platform
P40 Agile, Agile Enhanced, Multilin Agile
Multilin 8 Series, 3 Series and 369
650 range, HID, CIO, RRTD, RMIO
MM controllers, including MM300E
EPM and PQM meters
Multilin Single Function Protection/Electromechanical Relays
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Frequently Asked Questions

2. How long does my warranty last?

With some exceptions, most Protection and Control and Automation products ordered or shipped on or after October 1, 2013 are covered by our 10-year warranty.

3. How do I arrange to submit a claim for warranty repair?

The first step is to contact our Technical Support Center either directly or through our network of partners or representatives.

Details on how to contact Technical Support Center are provided at: Click Here

When contacting the Customer Services and Support Center, ensure that you have your product details on hand such as the product model, product serial number, sales order, etc.

Our Technical Support professionals will require the details of the challenges you are experiencing including error messages, status lights, etc. There may also be actions required by you to assist in the services diagnosis process. Upon evaluation applicable warranty action if required will be taken.

4. Do I need to keep my sales receipt?

Warranty coverage is determined for the date the product was shipped. Hence in most cases, the serial number will suffice in determining your warranty eligibility.

However other supporting sales documentation such as the sales receipt, invoice, etc. should also be retained as they are also useful for warranty queries. The sales documentation should include the serial number of the product.

5. Should I back up any device data?

GE Digital Energy recommends that customers back up any device data (i.e. configuration files, settings, etc.) added to our products as the responsibility of the data rests with the product owner. GE Digital Energy is not responsible for damage or loss of customer data or programs on products. Units are returned with factory settings.

6. Who do I contact if I require a repair but my product is out of warranty?

Contact the GE Digital Energy Technical Support Center either directly or through our network of partners or representatives to obtain chargeable, out of warranty repairs. Details on how to contact Customer Services and Support Center are provided at: Click Here

7. I have purchased GE Digital Energy Protection and Control or Automation Product from an outside of GE Sales channels (i.e. non-GE representatives) is the warranty still valid?

The GE Digital Energy 10-Year warranty extends upon the original purchaser to anyone who in turn purchases the P&C or Automation product. To confirm the warranty entitlement, contact the Technical Support Center. Click Here

8. Is the warranty transferable between countries?

Most GE Digital Energy Protection and Control and Automation products are provided with worldwide warranty coverage. GE Digital Energy can provide warranty support in product countries where we have service presence either by GE Digital Energy directly or through our network of partners or representatives in over 100 countries. To confirm the warranty entitlement, contact the Technical Support Center. Click Here

9. What is not covered by the warranty?

In general the following items are not covered by the 10-Year Warranty but have an existing warranty:

Software (90 days)
Packaged Solutions (1 year) and Sourced or non-GE manufactured products parts within Packaged Solutions (Manufacturers Warranty)
Services (1 year, Software 90 days)
Power Sensing products (1 year use, 18 months delivery)
Batteries (included in products or sold separately)
Any obsoleted products or products currently under the obsolescence process are excluded

10. What is the warranty coverage following warranty repair?

Warranty repairs shall have a warranty based on the balance of the remaining warranty period from time of repair to the balance of the 10-year warranty.

11. Will my warranty be affected if I install a non-GE Digital Energy upgrade/option in my GE Digital Energy P&C or Automation product?

As per the Terms and Conditions, only GE Digital Energy authorized modifications or repair to products are covered under warranty. Failure to meet this condition renders the warranty void.

12. What is the standard response time for my product to be repaired under warranty?

Following diagnosis of the issue and the start of a warranty claim the response time for a Return Management Authorization (RMA) to be issued is within 24 hours.

In terms of the turnaround time for repairs, the return time depends on the product and repair. As a guideline, most repairs are returned within 20 business days.

13. Is a loaner/replacement product available while my unit is being repaired?

For select products customers are provided with a replacement component in advance under our Advanced Warranty Replacement program to ensure customer uptime during product analysis.

14. How can I check the status of my warranty claim?

To check the status of a warranty claim, contact the Technical Support Center Click Here

15. Where does the warranty apply?

Most GE Digital Energy Protection and Control and Automation products are provided with worldwide warranty coverage.