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GE awarded a services contract by Edesur for its grid modernization project in Argentina
GE’s 245 kV 63 kA Dead Tank Circuit-Breaker Enhanced With Independent Pole Operation

GE’s 245 kV Dead Tank Circuit Breaker, model DT1-245P-63-F3, has been enhanced with optional independent pole operation (IPO) with a spring-spring-operated mechanism per phase. This option for single pole operation is on top of the existing three-pole gang operated offering.

This latest enhancement further increases the capabilities of this reliable high voltage dead-tank circuit-breaker performing at 245 kV and 63 kA without transient recovery voltage (TRV) capacitors for short line faults.

This robust model is built with advanced switchgear technology based on GE's field-proven spring-spring-operated mechanism, and interrupters with double-motion technology for exceptional reliability.

GE's high voltage circuit-breakers are rigorously tested to ensure long-term operation, even under harshest environmental conditions. Specifically, the DT1-245P-63-F3 has undergone extensive mechanical testing to 10,000 close/open operations with M2 qualification as well as extensive testing at extreme temperatures. It is also one of the few circuit-breakers tested to 1g for high seismic conditions per IEEE 693-2018. Furthermore, the breaker meets or exceeds the latest IEEE/ANSI/IEC standards, including defined purpose applications, such as reactor and capacitive switching. Each breaker is also factory tested using GE's proprietary gas tightness testing system. This internal process provides measurable, quantifiable test results on the breaker in its fully assembled, as-shipped condition, including a tightness guarantee of less than 0.5 percent per year leakage rate, providing an overall low lifecycle cost with maximum availability and reliability.

GE’s center of excellence for dead tank circuit-breakers, including manufacturing and testing facilities, is located in Charleroi, PA (USA). GE is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of dead tank circuit-breakers, with deep domain expertise, the latest product innovations, and 30,000+ installations worldwide.

In October 2021, GE’s Charleroi site was awarded $2.3 million in funding, for the development of a sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)-free 245 kilovolt (kV) dead tank circuit-breaker, by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-Eto help accelerate the decarbonization of the U.S. electrical grid. The new circuit-breaker will use GE’s game-changing g3 (pronounced “g”- cubed) gas insulating and switching technology, which has a global warming potential that is 99% less compared with SF62, to deliver the same high performance as a traditional SF6 circuit-breaker. As g3 products have the same dimensions as SF6 equipment, there is no increase in emissions during the manufacturing process from additional material.

Stay tuned.