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Taishet Smelter In Siberia
Grid's 220 Kv Gas-insulated Substation (GIS) energized at Taishet Aluminum Smelter in Siberia

April 12, 2021 - RUSSIA, Irkutsk Oblast, Taishet – GE’s Grid Solutions announced the successful completion of the installation, testing and energization of GE’s integrated grid equipment at the Taishet Aluminum Smelter in Siberia, Russia. RUSAL, the world’s largest aluminum producer, is now preparing the smelter for launch in Irkutsk Oblast in 2021.

To ensure exceptional power supply reliability to the Taishet Aluminum Smelter, GE implemented an integrated power grid solution featuring a 220 kV model B105 gas-insulated substation (GIS) that will meet the plant’s power needs in full. In addition, there will be conversion equipment with seven cells for a combined capacity of over 800 MW to supply direct-current for the plant’s innovative electrolysis series, with an annual capacity of 428,500 tons of aluminum.

GE’s B105 gas-insulated substation is one of the most compact GIS solutions in its class that meets the needs of grids with voltages up to 253 kV, an optimal solution for power transmission and distribution at heavy industrial facilities.

The scale and complexity of the equipment installation at RUSAL’s Taishet Aluminium Smelter makes this one of the largest grid projects for GE in the region. There is more than 90 km of cabling installed for voltages from 24 V to 220 kV as well as a GIS with 23 input and output feeders and powerful rectifier units of 85 kA. Furthermore, GE’s equipment is combined with an innovative digital control system based on DS Agile, which includes relay protection and automated emergency control using Multilin and MiCOM microprocessor terminals.

During February 2021, equipment installation and setup works without power supply were successfully completed in the shortest possible timeframe, thanks to work being performed in double shifts. This included a wide range of low-voltage and high-voltage tests that demonstrated the equipment’s high performance and readiness for startup works under voltage from the mains.

Viktor Kamyshev, GE’s Grid Solutions General Manager for Russia/CIS, said: “GE has extensive experience in managing electricity by deploying advanced technologies and digital solutions for major industrial enterprises worldwide. We are proud of our partnership with RUSAL and our participation in building one of the most cutting-edge aluminum plants. This project is setting new standards for energy security and reliability in the metals and mining industry.”

RUSAL’s Taishet Aluminum Smelter is currently being prepared for launch in Irkutsk Oblast in 2021.The plant in Taishet will be equipped with the latest dry gas cleaning systems to minimize its environmental impact. It is also expected that AI-technologies will be employed in managing equipment from the point of alumina loading - right through to the packaging of finished aluminum ingots. Thanks to the proximity of the Taishet plant to Asia, RUSAL can quickly and efficiently deliver the company’s products to the largest and most promising markets for aluminum consumption.