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Introducing the Next Generation in Controlled Switching Solutions

Point-on-wave switching is a technique used in operating AC system switchgear and circuit-breakers to mitigate power system transients and electrical stresses that commonly occur with the switching operation. If not properly managed, these transients can cause equipment damage or failure, power quality issues, or instability in the power system and connected networks.

GE’s new CSD100 is an advanced controlled switching solution for high voltage AC circuit-breakers designed to meet the changing needs of today’s power systems. With fast, reliable performance, the CSD100 works to mitigate switching transients to protect assets and improve system reliability, while minimizing risks and operational costs.

When used with GE's advanced circuit-breakers, the CSD100 delivers optimized management of circuit-breaker switching to significantly limit stress on grid equipment – thus extending asset life. With advanced data acquisition and integrated communications capabilities, the CSD100 integrates easily into new or existing digital substation environments and associated SCADA and DCS systems.

The CSD100 is particularly well adapted to following grid applications:

Safe Connectivity of Intermittent Generation

  • Voltage dip reduction
  • Transformer stress limitation

Safe Switching of Reactive Power Compensation

  • Drastic stress reduction on equipment for compensation:
  • Capacitors banks
  • Shunt reactors

Increased Reliability of Overhead Lines

  • Safe closing and auto-reclosing
  • Optimization of overhead lines designs
  • Optimization of insulation levels
  • Reduction of surge arrestor stress

Interested in GE’s new point-on-wave controller? Book a demo or visit the website to Learn More.