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#IWD - from art to engineering: meet consulting technical expert Nadya Nazir

#IWD - from art to engineering:
Meet consulting technical expert Nadya Nazir

Celebrated annually, International Women's Day commemorates the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. GE's Grid Solutions is fortunate to have women across the world who contribute to the success of our company as well the development of their own communities.

Today, we proudly profile Nadya Nazir, who provides technical leadership and builds a dynamic environment for the engineering team within the Grid Automation business at GE Grid Solutions.

Nadya had always wanted to pursue art studies, but when her chosen degree program was full, she pivoted – and studied engineering! She received her degree in Mechanical Engineering from the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Russia.

A GE employee for almost 20 years, Nadya has held a variety of roles within the Grid Automation business. Today, as a consulting technical expert based in Canada, she focuses on providing technical leadership for R&D activities and certifying the integrity of the engineering processes. Her aim is clear - ensure high-quality design and continuous improvement of R&D tools, processes, and practices, to assist the company in developing innovative products that meet customer needs. “My main objective is to create and foster a safe and comfortable environment for the engineering team to develop creative ideas, share best practices, and produce high-quality designs,” she explains.

Nadya, the second generation of engineers in her family, was greatly inspired by her mother, who was an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry for 27 years. Nadia’s mother stood up to her own parents, who thought that a girl could not become an engineer. “Not only did she prove them wrong, but she motivated my sister and I to follow the same path.”

The Grid Automation business at GE Grid Solutions develops products and solutions that play a critical role in the energy transition. “As to the mechanical engineering aspect, we provide design solutions to support all requirements from other segments, such as electrical, software, industrialization, marketing, and product management, by collaborating with a broad cross-functional team,” Nadya explains.

“In my career, I have experienced nothing but respect. As I see it, being the only female engineer in the room has made people listen even more attentively. I am privileged to be part of the most welcoming, talented, and respectful group of professionals here at GE.”

It is worthwhile to mention that after completing her engineering degree, Nadya returned to university to complete her fashion design degree. “Not only has this fulfilled my childhood dream, but it has also helped me in my career as an engineer with creativity, imagination, visualization, and esthetics. Engineering and art complement each other,” Nadya explains.

Onwards and upwards. “Recently, my husband and I climbed Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius. It's a 7 km hike and quite a challenge. When I was researching it, I was scared to go. But I'm glad I kept my determination to reach the top. The view was breathtaking and worth every minute of the steep climb. The same goes for engineering. You may be afraid of the challenge, but with perseverance and determination, you're blessed with the greatest reward - an enjoyable career that makes a difference in the world.”