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Urban Forest honors Patent and Engineering & Technology Award winners

Urban Forest honors Patent and Engineering & Technology Award winners

Every year, GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions business recognizes its engineers through its Patent and Engineering & Technology Awards, which credits their valued contributions to engineering and innovation. Categories include Customers, New Product Introduction, Materials & Manufacturing and Emerging Talent.

To celebrate the winners in a sustainable way, the Urban Forest was established in Mijas, Spain – an area previously devastated by fires. Since it’s inauguration in 2022, each winner has had a tree planted on their behalf.

Grid Solutions has now reached another step in the project as it acts to sustain the forest. For the latest round of winners, recycled water tanks allocated for irrigation will be installed on the winners’ behalf. There are often droughts in the region and these water tanks will help ensure the forest not only survives but thrives. 3,000 seeds will also be scattered across the forest to regenerate the soil and enhance biodiversity.

“Our engineering teams around the world are committed to delivering products and services that accelerate the path to more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. The Patent and Engineering & Technology Award recognizes the importance of their work in the energy transition and the Urban Forest is a great legacy for the winners,” said Philippe Roussel, Chief Engineer at Grid Solutions.

The Urban Forest aligns with GE Vernova’s aim to reduce carbon emissions. Once the trees are fully grown, it is estimated that the forest will offset the equivalent of 337.5 tons of CO2 annually