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Circuit Breaker Retrofit
For Gas-Insulated Substation

GE’s GIS retrofit solutions are designed to replace aging or obsolete circuit breakers manufactured by GE or a 3rd party with a new GE circuit breaker that includes the pure spring mechanism.

The GIS retrofit solution is a cost effective and reliable method to modernize and extend the lifetime of the substation by gaining all the advantages of implementing new reliable technology.

The solution is suitable to replace vertical or horizontal GIS circuit breakers.

The turnkey service solution includes:

  • Pre-study to select the correct technical solution for the application
  • Adaptation design
  • Supply of new components including interface and GE circuit breaker
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of the new assets within the substation.

GE Advantage

Main Characteristics

GE’s solution is designed for 72.5-145 kV and 300 kV-420 kV gas-insulated substations, regardless of the manufacturer or the application. To match the existing configuration and dimensions, phase-distance can be adapted with the interface and the 420 kV circuit breaker can be installed in U or Z configuration.

circuit breaker configurations

Vertical Circuit Breaker with Pure Spring Mechanism

The vertical circuit breakers proposed to retrofit the gas-insulated substation are equipped with the pure spring mechanism used in all GE HV circuit breakers. This proven technology enables minimized maintenance and improved reliability. Key features include:

  • Single-phase enclosure ensures safe operation with all moving parts fully encapsulated
  • Gas compartment is up to 50% smaller compared to the previous generation
  • Low closing and tripping force is required reducing the need for energy to trigger the switching
  • Low static and dynamic forces reduce the mechanical constraints and stress during operation, resulting in increased asset reliability
  • Single chamber design lowers the number of moving parts and the energy required
  • All models are type tested
  • A RPH3 point of wave controller can be added to the solution to synchronize the phases for switching

GE Advantage

GE advantage logos

Versatile Solution

  • Suitable for all brands of GIS
  • Different configurations available to fit with existing architecture
  • Compact footprint with vertical arrangement

Reliable Technology

  • Up to 42% reduction in unplanned outage risk, due to pure spring operating mechanism
  • Up to 22% reduction in outage duration due to “plug and play” solution

Safe and Eco-friendly

  • 50% reduction in SF6 mass
  • Reduced risk of leakage by 10 times
  • 25% reduction in required material including copper, aluminum and gasket

Cost Effective Solution

  • Up to 60% reduction in maintenance costs due to pure spring mechanism compared to pneumatic or hydraulic technology
  • Reduced investment cost and outage time compared to a GIS replacement

Vertical Circuit Breaker Specifications

Breaker Type 145 kV Vertical 420 kV Vertical
Reference electro-technical standards IEC/IEEE
Rated voltage 145 kV 420 kV
Rated frequency 50/ 60 Hz
Enclosure Single-phase
Short-duration power-frequency, phase-to-earth/across isolation distance 275 kV /315kV 520/610 kV
Lightning impulse phase-to-earth/across isolation distance 650 kVp / 750 kVp 1425/1425 (+240) kVp
Rated current up to 3150 A up to 5000 A
Rated peak withstand current 100 kAp / 108 kAp 170 kAp
Rated short-time current 40/3 kA/s 63/3 kA/s
Rated short circuit breaking current 40 kA 63 kA
First-pole-to-clear factor 1.5 1.3-1.5
SF6 weight / pole 5.4 kg 50 / 60 kg
Operating sequence O – 0.3s – CO – 3 min – CO
CO – 15s - CO
Min. gas operating pressure at 20°C (50Hz) 5.5 bar 5.5 bar
Circuit breaker approx. weight 1500 kg 4230 kg