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Materials & Eco-Design Studies
For High Voltage Solutions

GE delivers materials and eco-design studies for high voltage solutions to accelerate insulation and environmental innovation. GE’s services provide the expertise and methods that enable new value to support customer engineering, sourcing, quality control and EHS activities.

The technical studies, tests and impact evaluations support:

  • development of many types of insulation material for HV applications
  • analysis of corrosion and metallic material
  • reduction of environmental footprint

GE’s studies are compliant with customers and international standard.

Supported Materials
GE Advantage
Reducing Environmental Footprint

Reducing Environmental Footprint


  • Life cycle assessment
  • Environmental regulations studies
  • End-of-life manuals
  • Eco-design methodology training

Inspections & Homologations

  • Characterization of solid, liquid and gaseous materials
  • Compatibility tests
  • Supplier homologation
  • Material homologation
  • Post event analysis
Analyzing Corrosion and Metallic Materials

Analyzing Corrosion & Metallic Materials


  • In-depth investigation of corroded parts and corrosive material
  • Moist heat cycling, salt fog tests
  • Mechanical tests, microscopy

Anti Corrosion

  • Selection of the anti corrosion coating including paint and grease

Material Selection

  • Selecting the correct material class based on atmosphere corrosivity
Supporting Development of Insulation Materials

Supporting Development of Insulation Materials

Solid Insulation

  • Mechanical characterizations
  • Thermal and electrical aging studies
  • Lifetime study

Liquid Insulation

  • Development of mineral and ester oils
  • Diagnostic techniques
  • Composite systems

Gaseous Insulation

  • Development of environmentally friendly gas and mixture
  • Gas analysis: new and arced SF6 and g3

The R&D studies support the development of many types of insulation material, provide corrosion and metallic material analysis and help reduce the environmental footprint of equipment and technologies. Type of materials supported:

Solid Insulation

Solid Insulation

  • Epoxy
  • Thermoplastics
  • Composite insulators
  • Ceramic insulators
Liquid Insulation

Liquid Insulation

  • Mineral oil
  • Ester oil
  • Silicone oil
Gaseous Insulation

Gaseous Insulation

  • SF6
  • Environmentally friendly alternative

Benefit of Working With The “Disruptive” Team With Extensive Expertise

Studies are delivered by GE’s Subject Matter Experts based in the Global Technology Center. The team is active in international working groups and delivers lectures at technical conferences including CIGRÉ, Matpost, IEEE, CEIDP, IEC.

The GE materials and eco-design team members have filed over 35 patents in the last 15 years and bring disruptive technologies to the industry, examples include:

g3, Insulating & Switching Gas

g3, the environmental friendly gas to replace SF6 in high voltage switchgear

Natural Esters

Biodegradable and vegetable oil for power transformers, which improves safety

Recyclable Thermoplastic

Recyclable thermoplastic for gas-insulated substation