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Wide Area Monitoring Protection & Control Solutions

The complexity of modern electrical power systems is steadily increasing with the penetration of massive amount of asynchronously connected renewable generation. This generation that is connected through inverters reduces the inertia of the Grid and significantly changes how today’s power system operates. These characteristics require shortened power system response time and strategies for dealing with the grid’s reduced Inertia and weakened system strengths. GE’s advanced wide area monitoring protection and control (WAMPAC) solutions address these challenges and enable utilities to have a reliable, stable, and green power system.

How WAMPAC solutions work

  • Utilize sensing and monitoring of power system characteristics at many points across the grid.
  • Communicates measured characteristics with all distributed and centralized monitoring and control locations.
  • Deploys distributed algorithms for enabling fast control to isolate and react to localized events.
  • Provides enhanced visualization for real-time situational awareness.

Key Benefits

  • Enabling secure renewable integration in the Grid.
  • Fast & reliable actions based on wide area and accurate information ensuring grid stability.
  • Real time grid actions that are proportional to the size of the event.
Solution Overview
Why GE

System Oscillation Damping

Detecting and actioning on multiple signal oscillation types

Mitigating Reduced Inertia

Fast and coordinated frequency response using real time measurement of phasors

Managing weak System Strength

Providing support for renewable energy generators with power electronic which creates weaker system strength

What GE can offer

Complete end to end solution

From plant measurement to control room monitoring & centralized control – range of solutions available from analysing, visualization, monitoring, protection, and control.

Application domain knowledge

Applying our knowledge and perspective to resolve limits and risks in the power systems combining experience of substation protection and control, telecommunication, and centralised power systems management.

Global center of excellence & regional capability