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Designed for flexibility in your plant layout

GE’s range of condenser technologies have meet highest performance requirements (outperforming HEI standard by up to 30 %)—and feature highly compact tube bundle designs.


Meeting each site’s requirements

GE condensers are designed for each specific installation, meeting sustained high-performance requirements, enhancing reliability, adapting to varied site cooling conditions, and providing simplified construction with pre-assembled modules.

Condensers are delivered as fully tubed modules, so that little welding is required on site. The condenser houses the first two stages of low-pressure heaters for simplified arrangement of the turbine building.

Product specifications

Typical Reference Solutions for: 1,000 MW 1,200 MW 1,700 MW
Condenser Vacuum Type Single Dual Single
Condenser Thermal Load (MW) 1,820 2,030 2,750
Absolute Pressure at Turbine/Condenser Connection (mbar abs) 55 52/70 35
Max Condensate O2 Content at 100 % Load (ppm) 20 20 10
Circulating Water      
Circulating Water Temperature Design (°C) 25 22 13
Circulating Water Nature Seawater, Once-through Fresh Water, Cooling Towers Seawater, Once-through
Circulating Water Flow (m3/s) 63 40 60
Circulating Water Temperature Rise (°C) 7 6/6 11
Exchange Surface (m2) 76,000 70,000 115,000
Material Titanium Stainless Steel Titanium
Length (m) 16.5 15 15.5
Tube to Tubesheet Joint Expanded/Welded Expanded/Welded Expanded/Welded
Operation (tons) 2,200 3,450 5,800
Water Filling (tons) 3,600 4,600 9,700
Hotwell Bottom to Turbine (m) 13 16.5 14
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