Adapting to change

Increased operability and profitability on machine controls


Automation software and controls for power plant assets have changed dramatically from the original analog card versions that still exist in plants across the world.

The digitalization of the industry presents many new opportunities for existing power plants—specifically within the context of operations and plant maintenance efficiency.

Operators are under pressure to keep budgets low and plant flexibility high—which can be accomplished with the latest new plant control and automation technologies.

The Power of Yes

Can GE service my automation and controls?

YES. GE has deep experience in automation and controls for steam power plants across all fuels with close to 4,500 control systems in operation around the world. With more than 100 years of automation and controls experience we offer advanced services for all installed turbine controls, excitation systems, and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

Our automation and controls solutions encompass a range of offerings designed to prevent downtime, keep installations up to date, return an asset or system to service, and assist in your plant’s digital transformation.

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