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Preparing for the unexpected: Outage planning for steam turbines

Whether you’re looking for parts, dealing with a large-component repair, or just want to make sure your next outage is smoother and more predictable, GE is a full life cycle provider that can make sure your steam turbines operate reliably over the long haul. Our experts can answer your questions because we’ve seen it all.

Why GE?

The OEM experts


Key benefits

As the OEM for your steam turbine, we are the only ones who have:

  • the IP and configuration history for your specific equipment
  • an analytics package that allows us to examine how your unit is currently operating and make customized recommendations for services
  • the engineering support to help you return to service 

This puts us in a unique position to work with you on a strategic plan based on fleet history that will help improve the performance of your steam turbine well beyond the scope of the outage.


Key benefits

  • Reduced risk of unplanned outages and major emergent repairs during planned outages that are both costly and extend outage duration
  • Increased steam turbine output based on recovery of aging losses and improved technology
  • Enables combined cycle plant upgrades that increase steam flow
  • Improves combined cycle heat rate
Planning ahead

Save time and money with proactive steam turbine maintenance!

The average age of GE's combined cycle steam turbine fleet is 21 years, so you're likely to be experiencing hardware issues like shell creep, shell cracking, or rotor bow bending. Get ahead of potential problems by planning your steam turbine maintenance in advance.


Plan ahead and see the benefits

  • Avoid substantial lost generation costs by planning for specific emergent work issues based on your unit’s history
  • Work with GE’s team to develop your outage scope with fleet-specific risks in mind 
  • Avoid up to 14 days of outage extension time to address emergent findings
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