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Valve repairs

As a steam turbine OEM with experience on many types of valves, GE is well qualified to carry out repairs on valves and actuators of any OEM.

GE has established analysis and repair techniques for both temporary and long-term repair solutions for combined cycle power steam turbines. This work can be integrated with a long-term replacement or upgrade strategy.


  • Reliability and availability improvement
    GE’s valve repairs return components to their original condition and are proven to last.
  • Reduced O&M costs
    Repair is usually less expensive than replacement
  • Outage time reduction
    Repair does not incur the delay of waiting for new parts


Bowed rotor straightening

Rotors are prone to bowing because of many factors, including a reduced number of bearing pedestals and today’s more demanding operating requirements.

GE’s rotor straightening solution includes an engineering root cause analysis, assessment and computer modeling, and recommendations based on the condition of the steam turbine rotor.

How we repair your rotor:

  • Shaft end thermal straightening
  • Rotor machining
  • High-speed balance

Rotor welding

With over 570 rotor welding projects completed, GE has the experience you can rely on for your combined cycle steam turbine.

Combining outstanding rotor weld experience with world-class technical knowledge, Global Repair Solutions (GRS) has the technical experience to return damaged rotors back into service with both long- and short-term solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Use your existing rotor: Significant lead time and potential cost savings when compared to rotor replacement.
  • Proprietary technology: Restores your rotor back to design intent.
  • Repair only what needs to be fixed: Flexible repair options that can pinpoint partial section, component, and spot welding.
  • FineLine* rotor dovetail repair replaces forging with forging + welds, located in a lower stress location for improved service life of repair.

Diaphragm partial steam path repair

GE Power offers a partial steam path repair solution for major steam turbine diaphragm repairs.

As part of the repair process, the damaged exit side of the steam path and sidewalls is machined so that it is returned to the transition point of the partition, typically about one-third of the depth. The removed steam path side is then replaced with new partial partitions and sidewalls.

Key benefits:

  • Steam path repair process eliminates about 95% of the manual hand grinding and restores the steam path to its original geometry.
  • Our repair process can lower the overall repair cost by up to 20%.
  • Custom-machined partial partitions to restore steam path areas back to original condition.
  • Patent pending GE proprietary technology.
  • Higher recoverable losses compared to standard weld repair.

Diaphragm dishing repair

Diaphragm dishing is a known issue on most steam turbines. It occurs because of elevated temperatures and high stresses, which cause the steel to creep over time.

GE conducted a study to look at several dishing repair methods and the effect they have on long term dishing. Using ANSYS and GE proprietary modeling techniques, the study was performed on typical third-stage HP and IP diaphragms from medium-sized turbines. The results show that GE’s Power Services solution can offer a more than 50% reduction in creep over time vs. a bridge repair, and better results were observed in comparison to pure heat straightening.

Key Benefits

  • Helps remove existing dishing and restores original axial alignment
  • Reduces cycle time up to 45%
  • Reduces future dishing through enhanced features
  • Addresses TIL-1589 (D11)
  • Includes a medium cost repair option
  • Provides GE proprietary technology (patent pending)
Parts to support your repairs

Steam turbine parts, when and where you need them

Meeting our customers’ needs for parts in a timely manner is high priority for GE’s steam turbine services team.  To that end, we have implemented a new inventory strategy that will help address supply chain issues and get your operations back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Here are some key benefits:

  • Our inventory includes raw materials and finished goods for long-cycle parts (primarily D11 steam turbines).

  • We have up to $25 million in steam turbine parts available at all times—including front stage buckets/blades, HP/IP blades, L-O buckets and valve parts. 

  • If you have emergent needs for a part we don’t currently have in inventory, we can work with you to support your short term operations while our team makes the necessary parts.

When planning your parts needs, we advise moving your parts spending to your capital improvement budget to help ensure you have the parts needed to improve or restore performance and reliability. Even if you don’t need every part we have, contact us to get a quote! That will help you understand your cycle time and allow time for appropriate budgeting.

Repair solutions

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