Reliable and predictable manufacturing performance


Why work alongside GE Vernova?

GE Vernova collaborates with the world’s pulp and paper producers to provide advanced aeroderivative and heavy-duty gas turbines to help pulp and paper mills achieve reliability and predictability in manufacturing performance.

With GE Vernova’s expertise in cogeneration power solutions, we can help deliver the energy efficiency needed for industrial customers like pulp and paper mills. When integrating GE Vernova aeroderivative and heavy-duty gas turbines, they can count on these benefits:

  • Built-in reliability for 24/7/365 operating capability
  • Production of a high quantity of steam for either power generation or cogeneration
  • High efficiency with lowered impact on the environment
  • Greater performance driven by integrated software and analytics
  • Quick response to large swings in load and built-in protection against frequency drops

GE Vernova provides an analysis to identify the exact needs of your pulp and paper plant for onsite power generation that will enhance efficiency and save money. Then, we provide a focused configuration of the CHP solution to fit your needs, including equipment sourcing and cost-benefit analysis. Our project management covers all aspects from creation and delivery to installation and coordination with local utilities. A maintenance schedule is included, to protect and secure your system. Plus, we offer a variety of financing solutions that don’t require upfront investment for onsite equipment.

Energy consumption in pulp and paper production

Steam is essential in numerous stages of the pulp and paper process. It is used in the pulping process to separate fibers and soften pulp, as well as in bleaching and mixing oxygen into the pulp. Steam is also used to evaporate moisture from pulp in preparation for production and to prepare wastewater for reuse.

When plants and mills use cogeneration or a combined heat and power (CHP) system, they can use the exhaust energy from gas turbines to produce steam that in turn can be used for additional energy production with no additional fuel consumption. This helps reduce their energy costs, save energy, reduce emissions and helps to ensure a reliable energy stream.

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