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Flexible gas plant long-term service agreements

Balance performance and risk while getting the most out of your gas plant assets—along with predictable costs and flexible billing. With a long-term service agreement from GE Vernova, you will have access to our experts for maintenance support to help improve your availability and reliability, including parts and outage planning. Our wide range of guarantees include outage duration, availability, reliability, emissions, monitoring and diagnostics, and maintenance performance.

Custom offerings

Get more value from your assets

We offer flexible long-term agreements that can be customized with the right features and scope to meet your equipment, plant and business needs. Our extensive portfolio of services range from core maintenance to extensive performance guarantees—with every element tailored to help you get the best performance from your assets.

Let’s work together

Why choose GE Vernova?

As the OEM, no one knows your equipment better than GE Vernova, so we can serve as a strategic partner to help keep your gas plant relevant for the future.  With a long-term service agreement from GE Vernova, you will have:

  • Access to our technical expertise and the latest technologies.
  • A partner with mitigation plans for common challenges, like supply chain.
  • Peace of mind that the right maintenance will be performed at the right time.
  • Monitoring software to keep tabs on your equipment to alert you of any potential issues, avoiding unnecessary downtime.
  • Options for onsite TA engineers and a 24/7 engineering team available to solve any type of problem.
  • Event-based or continuous guarantees
  • Lifecycle value with unplanned event coverage
Focus on your core compentencies

A tailored suite covering O&M, guarantees and payments


Whether you need advisory services or are looking for full-service operation, we can create a tailored operations and routine maintenance program to fit your unique needs. We can also customize a flexible payment structure to help keep your pricing predictable. And our performance guarantees help ensure that your most important business objectives are met.

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