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The joint venture between GE Power and Baker Hughes, Aero Alliance streamlines aero owner and operator support. With such a dynamic range of resources and experience at each depot, customer experience is enhanced at facilities in the USA, Italy, and Malaysia.

JPort Aero Service Depot

Location: Houston, Texas

Our 200,000 sq. ft. Jacintoport site in Houston, Texas has been in operation for almost 40 years. This Level 4 depot specializes in repairs for LM2500*, LM6000*, and LMS100*. With a nonstop focus on quality and continuous improvement through the implementation of Lean and strategic investments in our people and facility, we strive to deliver the best service for our customers.

Repair capabilities

  • LM6000
  • LM2500/+/+G4
  • LMS100
  • Hot sections, full overhaul, testing, root cause analyses (RCAs)

Two testing cells

  • LM6000 PA PB PC PD PF
  • LM2500/+/+G4
  • Gas + + liquid (diesel) testing (liquid testing for SAC engines only)

Avenza Aero Service Depot

Location: Avenza, Italy

The new state-of-the-art 16,500 sqm Avenza Service Center (L4 Shop), located in Italy, has full capabilities for LM2500* — including the availability to do in-house repairs for key LM2500* parts, and a hot section for LM6000*. By 2024, we’ll have added a complete major overhaul for LM6000* — an addition to accommodate Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Repair capabilities

  • LM6000 modules and hot section
  • LM2500 SAC/DLE/Base/+/+G4 overhaul
  • LM2500/+/G4 SAC/DLE testing
  • Test cell correlated for LM2500/+
  • In house L5 component repair for LM2500 Blisk, HPT/LPT disks

Port Klang Aero Service Depot

Location: Port Klang, Malaysia

Our 25,000 sq.ft. shop in Port Klang, Malaysia is strategically located to support customers and service a large fleet of LM2500* in the Asia Pacific region. Given its location and capabilities, this facility can support planned and unplanned maintenance, reduce repair cycle time and logistic cost for customers and offer modular replacement maintenance.

Repair capabilities

  • LM2500/+/+G4 hot section repair capability

Aero Level-2 shops: Local service on a global scale

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Join our webinar to learn how GE Vernova’s L2 shops can provide faster turnaround times, dedicated engineers, certified technicians, and 24/7 customer support for your aero fleet without shipping your equipment overseas.

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