Reinforcing engine power and backup power at sea

Since the 1950s, GE has been providing and servicing aeroderivative marine gas turbines. We’ll help find a versatile engine that pairs with your ship’s energy and propulsion profiles. Aeroderivative designs result in faster installs and smaller footprints—making integration cost-effective for anyone looking for new kinds of efficient power in the cruise industry.

Is your cruise ship engine missing reliable, must-have power?

GE’s LM2500* gas turbines might be used on aircraft carriers and other military vessels, but their leading durability, availability, and reliability serve the cruise line industry in the four corners of the world. This includes Carnival Corporation’s brands, Holland America Line, Cunard Line, and Princess Cruises. The Royal Caribbean Group depends on this turbine for eight ships from their brands Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, making them one of the top global operators of LM2500 gas turbines, with 24 total in their fleet.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Serenade and Jewel Of The Seas ships docked in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin port. Passengers/ Tourists arrive for sunny island holiday.

With markedly high power density, >99% reliability, and >98% availability, what else makes our aeroderivatives sought after as cruise ship turbines?

Lower emissions: NOx at 15 ppm with SAC or dry low emissions technology

High reliability and availability: driven by our engine-exchange philosophy

Operational flexibility: five-minute startup and markedly high ramp rates

Configuration options: Sprint, SAC/DLE, black start, cold weather, and more

Grid-firming capable: quick start combined with synchronous condensing

Fuel flexibility: wide Wobbe index of 35 – 60 MWI, propane, hydrogen

Cogen and CHP fit: “right sized” for medium-to-low steam cogeneration

Power density: up to 7 x the power density of reciprocating engines

GE’s portfolio of turbines for ocean vessels

GE’s portfolio of turbines for ocean vessels

GE offers a variety of aeroderivative for marine endeavors of all sizes. We’ve been improving them for 50 years, with 150 million operating hours worldwide. Learn more about our turbines and see which one’s right for your voyages.

LM2500XPRESS aeroderivative gas turbine

Help meet ship needs where flexible power is required quickly and efficiently. The LM2500XPRESS 50 Hz and 60 Hz modular gas turbines feature a 34-MW simple cycle power output and up to 39% simple cycle efficiency. 

Its start time in simple cycle configuration is less than five minutes, and its ramp rate is 20 MW/minute. The LM2500XPRESS* is a modular and scalable, prefabricated, skid-mounted, pre-commissioned solution. Enjoy reduced on-site installation and commissioning—and a zero water-consumption requirement.

LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine

On sea or land, the LM2500 is the most reliable aeroderivative gas turbine in the world, featuring a reliability of 99.8%.

Recommended for combined cycle, onshore and offshore power generation, mechanical drive, and cogeneration, the LM2500 features 21 – 34 MW simple cycle output. With up to 39% efficiency, it also accommodates a wide variety of fuels. It comes with optional clutch-less synchronous condensing.

Case studies

The Ultimate World Cruise: nine months of luxury

What can a ship using GE turbines accomplish in 274 days? A trip that breaks records and hits all seven continents. Royal Caribbean has billed its Ultimate World Cruise the longest world cruise in history, and it will take place aboard the 962-foot Serenade of the Seas—with GE’s LM2500+ gas turbines getting things underway.

59 MW

boost to ship power with a steam turbine and two LM2500+


minutes of continuous operation required by Serenade of the Seas


We love the reliability of GE’s LM2500 gas turbines, especially for their durable design and low downtime. In cases of both planned and unplanned work, we can replace the entire engine of a cruise ship in 12 hours. This makes it a dream for every engineer on board.

Anders Aasen

Vice President of Global Marine Operations, Royal Caribbean Group

*Trademark of General Electric Company

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