What can the vibration monitoring upgrade do for you?

This latest vibration system from Bently Nevada provides continuous, online vibration monitoring for machinery-protection applications. Applicable gas turbine models include the LM6000, LM/TM2500, and the LM5000.


How we get you there

  • Virtually every aspect of the Bently Nevada 3500’s operation is software configurable, making it extremely flexible.
  • Easier spare parts management—a single module type can be configured for a variety of functions rather than just a single function.
  • Communication between the gas turbine vibration monitoring system and the control system is Ethernet-enabled.
  • Reduces the number of recommended spare parts and support for customers with the BN7200.
  • Fits twice as many channels into the same rack space as previous vibration monitoring systems, resulting in lower installation costs by saving valuable cabinet space and spreading common components.
  • The Bently Nevada 3500 Vibration Monitoring System provides continuous, online vibration monitoring.

Condition-monitoring innovations

  • The upgrade includes a full-size 3500 Rack available in 19” EIA rail-mount, panel-cutout-mount, and bulkhead–mount versions.
  • The Rack Interface Module (RIM) is the primary interface to the Bently Nevada 3500’s configuration, display, and condition-monitoring software.
  • The 3500/15 power supply features line noise filters as standard and can be ordered for AC or DC input power, providing compatibility with voltage sources worldwide.
  • Individual alarm and danger settings and instantaneous amplitude readings are available for each function.
  • 3500 information can be displayed by either of the following:
    • The existing HMI, requiring a software update
    • Provided Bently Nevada HMI with 3500/94 VGA Display (an option in BOM)
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