How combined heat and power (CHP) works for hospitals and other large facilities

By bringing the power source onsite, GE Vernova delivers efficient, reliable energy to municipal districts, manufacturing plants, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, data centers, sports arenas, universities, hotels, office buildings, and a variety of other operations.

For large facilities that serve entire communities, like hospitals, combined heat and power (CHP) systems from GE Vernova offer electricity and thermal energy production onsite, eliminating the need to purchase electricity while separately burning fuel in an onsite boiler to produce heat.


GE Vernova’s portfolio of aeroderivative gas turbines for large facilities

Reliable combined heat and power systems for hospitals and other large facilities that serve a community are essential to maintaining operations. When a large facility operator turns to GE Vernova for a CHP solution, a variety of aeroderivative gas turbines can be employed in generation efforts, depending on site requirements and operator needs and expectations.

With the broadest gas turbine for CHP product portfolio in the industry, GE Vernova is uniquely positioned to provide its customers with the right products to provide the required ratio of power to heat for their CHP systems.

Annual savings using LM2500+ for CHP


What about cost?

Up to 95% thermal efficiency means operators of large facilities can realize both cost and energy savings when they implement CHP generation. Burning less fuel to help meet energy requirements and reducing thermal and electrical costs can translate to as significant expense reduction and up to 40% energy savings using waste heat from turbines. Less reliance on imported fuel, reduced infrastructure investment and more network stability also mean monetary savings.

Using the LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine for CHP generation, for example, facility operators realizing a 40% energy savings also save about $19 million per year versus what they would spend on power generated by electricity and steam purchase or production as separate resources.

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