Proven technology

GE practices continuous improvement in our technology, manufacturing, and services. Based on many years of proven experience and continuous feedback from our customers, our generator products share features that save time and money for end customers among different product families.

GE generators leverage the best of many OEM technologies based on a wide variety of products and configurations to deliver the most reliable, available and efficient generators that meet our customers’ needs.

For our new prototypes we implement a full-scale rapid Thermal Cycling & Endurance validation testing that demonstrates the accelerated life of generator operations. A rigorous validation program complements our continuous technology development to help ensure high reliability and performance.

Dependable performance

We have vast fleet experience—more than 12,200+ fleet installations—that allows us to continuously improve the durability of our generators operating under cyclic duty operations. GE generators perform above industry average for reliability and availability, increasing stable revenue generation.

  • End-winding technologies (Tetraloc* and re-tightenable) holding mechanical integrity to drive lifelong reliability
  • Cyclic duty enhancement features in rotors to improve robustness
  • Enhanced rotor and stator cooling technologies to reduce thermal gradient between critical components
  • Collector brush monitoring continuously assessing machine condition to maximize availability and optimize maintenance outage planning.

Capable and versatile

Our air-, hydrogen- and water-cooled generators cover the entire range of generator MVA ratings, from small industrial applications to large combined-cycle power plants at target cost with high efficiency and high grid stability.

  • Advanced insulation (Micapal III* and Micadur*) enable higher power density with advanced voltage stress and thermal conductivity capabilities for greater armature performance.
  • Compact and flexible configurations help reduce total installed cost, and our drop-in replacements for uprate fits into your existing generator footprint.
  • Flexible configuration drives lower plant centerline, small turbine buildings and efficient use of plant maintenance equipment, all of which can result in as much as $12 million in overall plant cost savings.

Cost effective

Our generators feature high-power density (small footprint, more output, lighter weight) and longer maintenance intervals due to fewer generator-related interruptions.

  • Designed for borescopic & robotic (MAGIC*) rotor-in inspections, leading to lower maintenance costs.
  • Online partial discharge monitoring system empowers customers to manage schedule maintenance, increase availability and reduce overall plant O&M costs.
  • Lower windage loss with advanced long fin, advanced aero fan blades, enhanced rotor design, Roebel bar scheme and cooling architecture can contribute up to $1.8 million savings in net present value for a 2x1 multi-shaft combined-cycle power plant.

*Trademark of General Electric Company


Explore our generator models

GE’s generators integrate easily, operate reliably, and provide more power. They are flexible and efficient, yet powerful enough to accommodate aggressive output. Designed for easy maintenance, their modular architecture features constant cross-section core segments for higher product rating and common parts and tooling for generator spare parts efficiency, interchangeability, and maintenance familiarity. Comprehensive model engineering ensures integrity of electrical and mechanical system design.

Product specifications

GE delivers cost effective generator solutions in various cooling systems covering a wide range of applications.

MW 30-320 240-605 530-920
Gas Turbine LM/TM 2500/LM6000/LMS100/B/E/F-Class F/H Class H Class
Steam Turbines O&G / IST / A200 / D200 A200 / D200 / A650 / D650 / D600 A650 / D650
  Model MVA Frequency Model MVA Frequency Model MVA Frequency
  A35 104/146 50/60 H35 285 60 W84 790 60
  A39 195/208 50/60 H53 339/408 50/60 W86 875/975 50/60
  A63 287/306 60 H65 450/547 50/60 W88 1020 50
  A70 248/265 60 H78 740/755 50      
  A72 183/240 50 H84 625/712 50/60      
  A74 268/304 50            
  A78 353/409 50            
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