More power in the same size

Small, powerful, versatile

We apply the latest technology to continuously improve our air-cooled generator efficiency, enabling it to generate more megawatts with the same frame size and weight. Its compact size allows for easy worldwide delivery, installation, and maintenance.


Simplicity and flexibility in one generator

  • 50 Hz
  • 60 Hz
50 Hz selected
Power factor 0.8
Apparent power (MVA) 408
Efficiency Up to 98.9 %
Terminal voltage Up to 21 kV
Reliability 99.84% (Average Air-cooled)

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Configured for easy maintenance, our modular generators feature constant cross-section core segments for higher product ratings. Our generator parts and tooling are common across models to help ensure efficiency, interchangeability, and maintenance familiarity. Comprehensive model engineering ensures integrity of electrical and mechanical system design. 

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