High power density and long service interval

Our water-cooled generator systems enable combined-cycle power in single shaft configuration, integrating both gas and steam turbines, and reducing power plant footprints.

Long maintenance intervals deliver uninterrupted power generation across the water-cooled generator's lifecycle, delivering more power needed with more uptime. These generators are the choice for HA power plant applications.

Key features

Industry-leading reliability

The stainless-steel stubs in our stator bars reduce forced outages due to cooling tube clogging. These reliable generators incorporate advanced technology and robust construction for enhanced operability and ease of maintenance.

Less manual intervention

Automated hydrogen gas control and sealing, enabled by the Mark VIe control system, reduces the need for manual intervention and allows more efficient accessories operation.


New levels of efficiency

  • 50 Hz
  • 60 Hz
50 Hz selected
Power factor 0.85
Apparent power (MVA) Up to 1020
Efficiency Up to 99.08%
Terminal voltage Up to 22 kV

Explore our generator models

Configured for easy maintenance, our modular generators feature constant cross-section core segments for higher product ratings. Our generator parts and tooling are common across models to help ensure efficiency, interchangeability, and maintenance familiarity. Comprehensive model engineering ensures integrity of electrical and mechanical system design.

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