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HRSG solutions tailored to meet customer requirements

HRSG technology is critical to combined-cycle efficiency. 


Integrated HRSG solutions

With engineering and manufacturing of all major components of a combined-cycle power plant inhouse, GE Vernova supplies HRSGs that deliver optimized performance, operating flexibility, and improved reliability for even the most demanding project requirements.

HRSG boiler technology is critical to plant efficiency, which is why GE’s whole system approach provides high power output and efficiency as well as improved plant operability.

Constructability is key

Our modular HRSGs

GE Vernova offers a choice of various modular construction options that provide the degree of prefabrication that best fits your specific project site requirements. GE Vernova provides four basic options of prefabricated pressure parts modules:

Harp Bundle

  • Limited infrastructure
  • Limited large crane availability
  • Low site labor costs


  • Suitable for most sites
  • Fewer transportation restrictions
  • Large crane availability
  • Medium site labor costs


  • Sites with good water access
  • Large crane availability
  • High site labor costs

Fully assembled

  • Sites with excellent water access and specialized transport
  • High site labor costs

In addition to these options, GE Vernova offers even more constructability features like shop-installed vents and drains, shop-installed l.b. valves, drum modules, and stack in cans.

Numerous integrated scope options are available, including supplementary firing for peak power output, SCR, CO catalysts for emissions control, accessories for noise abatement, and exhaust gas bypass systems for simple cycle operation in combined-cycle configuration. All options can be equipped with GE Vernova’s Life Monitor System (LM) that allows operators to monitor life consumption on key life-limiting components online.


GE Vernova’s horizontal gas flow HRSGs provide higher reliability at cycling operating conditions due to innovative single-row harp configuration in the front (hot) end of the HRSG, which produces up to three times less stress than conventional multi-row harps. This design is tailored for fast starts, rapid response, and low turndown.

GE Vernova HRSGs incorporate and combine HRSG technologies and best practices from Alstom and Doosan, enabling the supply of HRSGs of the highest quality, reliability, and availability.

OT HRSG technology

GE Vernova’s OT technology offers the following advantages:


Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant (Track 4A), Malaysia. Two HRSGs behind 9HA.02 gas turbines.
  • Proven experience with over 2.5 million operating hours
  • Superior off design engineering and part load performance due to the ability to vary feedwater flow resulting in increased combined-cycle efficiency compared to drum type
  • Increased combined-cycle efficiency due to the ability to operate at higher HP steam pressures
  • Stable operation from low load to baseload with superior cyclic operation and flexibility compared to others
  • Improved HRSG fatigue life due to rapid steam supply to the HP superheater
  • GE Vernova’s Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) solution with the GE OT requires a small polisher (3%) for make-up water in lieu of a typical 50% condensate polisher required by others, inherently decreasing total lifecycle plant cost
  • As there is no continuous blowdown like on drum-type configurations, GE Vernova’s OT has a smaller water footprint and results in lower energy losses

Decades of OT experience

1931: First commercial OT utility boiler

1994 to 2000: Executed 34 HRSGs with GE Vernova OT technology

Since 2010: 4 HRSGs in commercial operation using licensed Siemens Benson OT technology

2011-2015: Start of proprietary OT technology: Evolution of the proven in-house technology with significant improvements in drainability and low load stability, validated at the 50 MW HRSG test facility in Switzerland

September 2015: Technology validation at the 50 MW HRSG test facility in Switzerland

2016-Jan. 2020: Sold 7 HRSGs with this evolved and improved OT technology

Sept. 2020: Win of Hsinta & Taichung in Taiwan with 10 OT HRSGs behind 7HA.03 GTs

Jan. 2021: First next gen GE OT HRSGs in commercial operation (Track 4A behind 9HA.02 GT)

Increased quality assurance

In-house manufacturing of HRSG pressure part modules

The purchasing, fabrication, welding, and quality control of high-grade alloy materials are critical. With in-house manufacturing of pressure part modules, GE Vernova delivers highly reliable HRSGs maximizing quality assurance for the most demanding project requirements. GE Vernova has two HRSG manufacturing facilities: One in Changwon, South Korea, and the other in Dung Quat, Vietnam.

Changwon, South Korea


Dung Quat, Vietnam

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