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PressureWave+ safety moment

Is PressureWave+ safe?

Yes, we performed more than 200 cleanings in the last 5 last years without any safety issues.

Is there the possibility of damage to the SCR or other parts of the HRSG?

None of our customers have experienced either short-term or long-term damage to HRSG components such as tubes, tube-to-header welds, casing liners, expansion joint and catalysts.


Are there third-party studies that demonstrate PressureWave+ safety?

Yes, EPRI recently conducted an evaluation that found “No evidence of damage to tubes or other HRSG components…observed during these tests.” You can read the abstract here: Program 218: Heat Recovery Steam Generators | Product Abstract ( In addition, The University of Zurich and Bang&Clean conducted an independent study and concluded that “…in the considered realistic load cases, a permanent deformation due to the detonation can be excluded, unless both the boiler tubes and the weld seam are already weakened by overloading or corrosion.”

Is the PWP solution the same for all customers?

No, the PressureWave+ solution involves detonating a measured amount of gas, which is deployed inside plastic bags placed near the areas where buildup needs to be removed. We will tailor the solution to match the amount of cleaning your HRSG needs, which will involve either decreasing or increasing the cleaning force needed.

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PressureWave+ advantage

When compared to other HRSG cleaning technologies, the PressureWave+ advantages are clear. See how it stacks up to the competition.

  PressureWave+ Standard dry-ice cleaning Water washing
No scaffolding required X X
Limited confined space during operation X X
Reduced risk of fouling emission upon startup X X
Decreased cleaning time X X
Depth of cleaning of at least 3' X X
No risk to pressure parts X


Hear from our customers

"Our facility saw a 5" reduction in GT backpressure as a direct result of the GE PressureWave+ cleaning on a single HRSG, from 23" H2O down to 18" H2O. This increased plant summer output by around 5 MW total from just a single HRSG cleaning. Winter output had been limited due to the increased mass flow, and backpressure surpassing the trip limits. The cleaning allowed us to avoid a 20+ MW reduction in winter output by gaining margin to the exhaust pressure trip limit."

Mark Pelosi
Reliability Engineer, Cogentrix Energy Power Management

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If you still have questions about PressureWave+ or you’d like to run the numbers for yourself, check out our “Top 10 PressureWave+ questions” interactive document, or try out our fuel calculator.

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PressureWave+TM Calculator

Want to learn how much you could save with PressureWave+? Tell us a little about your power plant, and we'll do the rest.

Since we started conducting PressureWave+ cleanings, GE has removed over 795 tons of debris.



What is your gas turbine size?



How many hours do you run your HRSG per year?

2-3 days a week(3000 hrs)
Few outages
2 months off per year(7000 hrs)
Full load
365 days per year(8760 hrs)


Adjust if needed


How much pressure increase have you seen over your original design during the most critical time of the year (e.g. summer)?


Example: If your current back pressure is 17 inwc and design was 11 inwc, you would input 6 inwc


Your savings

Additional cost savings

Choosing PressureWave+ can help you achieve more fuel savings, helping you save:


Potential savings for next year (USD)

Additional energy savings

By using PressureWave+ cleaning technology on your HRSG, you could realize an annual additional energy savings of:


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