Addressing the need for fast power

Power production can be rife with pitfalls, including failing infrastructure, extreme weather conditions, and rapid urbanization and industrialization. These factors can make helping to ensure increased and reliable power supply difficult.

Unlike emergency power, which can deliver temporary power capacity quickly to help meet short-term needs, fast power provides modular, baseload bridge-to-permanent power installations for reliable and efficient grid power.  Each solution is engineered to save you valuable construction and lead time as well as capital expenditures. Options include:

  • Mobile power unit options that can be relocated to other power plants or remote areas
  • Solutions that allow you to connect to the grid or provide electricity off-grid on when in captive power mode
  • Dual fuel capability to operate on liquid fuel or natural gas 
  • Modular make to lower costs

Modular and mobile fast power solutions

The key to GE Gas Power’s ability to work to deliver varied and flexible modular power-generating units is turnkey construction. Our portable, compact, and heavy-duty mobile power plants encompass pre-packaged efficiency, making it possible to ramp up to full power in 15 minutes or less once installed. Mobile power generation units include dual-fuel capability without water consumption.

All solutions are warrantied and include detailed operation and maintenance programs. We can deliver our solutions in weeks and offer important support after installation, including:

  • On-call technical advisory service
  • Maintenance planning and training
  • On-site hot section, combustor, and other modular exchanges
  • Depot repair services for scheduled overhauls and unscheduled repairs
  • Performance testing

With more than 100 years of power generation experience on our side, we’ve got the knowledge and skill to get you powered up quickly. See our full range of mobile power generation units below to learn more about the GE Fast Power solutions that are right for you.


Power in 1 to 6 Months

Power in
6 to 9 Months

Power in
6 to 12 Months

Turbine TM2500 mobile gas turbine
(50/60 Hz)
LM2500XPRESS* GT13E2 gas turbine (2005/2012) 9E.03/9E.04 gas turbine (50Hz)
NOx Abatement Water for 25 ppm No water with DLE technology;
can be 15 or 25 ppm
Installation time (from contract to commissioning) <11 days ~14 days 6 - 9 months 6 - 12 months
SC Net Output (MW)
33.6 MW (50Hz)
35.9 MW (60Hz)
Up to 37 MW 185 MW (2005)
203 MW (2012)
145 MW
SC Net Efficiency (%, LHV)
34.8% (50Hz)
36.6% (60Hz)
39% SC
50% CC
37.8% (2005)
38% (2012)
Install base worldwide 300 units in 30+ countries Introduced in 2020 150 units in 34 countries 675 units in 48 countries
Operating experience (hours) 6 million  150 million** 10 million 40 million 
Fuel flexibility Types Standard fuels: natural gas, diesel
Non-standard fuels: propane, ethane, bio-diesel, ethanol, naptha and others
Standard fuels: natural gas, diesel
Non-standard fuels: propane, ethane, bio-diesel, ethanol, naptha and others
Standard fuels: natural gas, diesel The ultimate in fuel flexibility: can use more than 52 types of fuel


*Trademark of General Electric Company
**Operating hours are for the LM2500 family of products

Customer stories

Learn more about how GE is providing fast power all over the world

Strengthening the power grid

Egypt’s growing population and industrialization is good for the country’s economy…

…but that same growth strains power grids, resulting in unplanned outages. Learn how GE Gas Power helped the country meet its goal to seamlessly and quickly provide more electricity with a combination of aeroderivative and heavy-duty gas turbines commissioned within a matter of months.


Stabilizing electricity capacity

Hydro power works – until it doesn’t due to drought.

For Tanzania, a stable source of electrical power is imperative to drive its burgeoning economy. See how GE Gas Power helped the country take advantage of its natural gas supply to enhance operations and increase and stabilize its electricity capacity at its Ubungo power plant.


Bridging the energy gap in Angola

TM2500 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine

Fast, reliable power solutions like GE’s TM2500 technology are helping bridge the energy gap in Angola by providing power to the equivalent household energy needs of more than 24,000 families in Camama.

Its start time for a simple cycle is fewer than 5 minutes, and its ramp rate is 20MW/minute. The TM2500 is mobile and easy to transport. Its small block size allows good part-power turndown and efficiency. It is relocatable if project requirements change, and it comes with optional clutch-less synchronous condensing.

Helping to deliver power in paradise

When Greece’s summer tourist season begins, so does the strain on the Greek power system.

To achieve a better balance of long-term and reliable power production, the country turned to GE Gas Power. Learn how GE’s TM2500+ gas turbine-generator was not only commissioned quickly to help meet summer tourism peak-power needs, but provides a flexible and permanent source of power generation to the island of Rhodes.



Fast power in action

Power in hours

See how GE Gas Power delivered a TM2500 in under 48 hours

Modular power plant at the ready

 Watch how the LM2500XPRESS helps provide fast, efficient, flexible power.

Introducing the LM2500XPRESS: Tomorrow’s power, today.

See the world’s most modular power plant in action.

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