The LM6000VELOX aeroderivative package is based on GE Vernova’s LM2500XPRESS* and is factory assembled into simplified modules for faster and easier site installation and commissioning of LM6000 gas turbines.

The technology

GE Vernova has introduced the first LM6000VELOX DLE aeroderivative gas turbine package, slated to be installed at Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Johnsonville Aeroderivative Plant in Middle Tennessee.

The advantage

The new LM6000VELOX package aims to reduce the installation and commissioning schedule of LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines by up to 40%, while reducing installation time and total installed costs. TVA chose the DLE option of the LM6000VELOX package solution for its dual fuel capability, high cyclic life and fast start time. 


Up to 40%

reduction in the installation and
commissioning schedule of LM6000*
aeroderivative gas turbines

Up to 4,000

labor hours saved

Up to 100%

hydrogen capable


This technology will be the first of its kind for TVA’s fleet of natural gas plants. We have received six of the 10 total units that will be operating at Johnsonville, with final delivery expected in December, 2023. These units will help us quickly meet demand during peak energy usage and will supplement solar generation on days when sunshine is limited.

Justin McBath

Sr. Project Manager of the Johnsonville Aeroderivative Combustion Turbine Plant project, TVA

With an installed base of nearly 1,200 LM6000 gas turbines across approximately 60 countries, these units are well-known in the power generation industry for their quick start time (as little as 5 minutes to full power) and high cyclic life, making them a complement to intermittent power from renewable sources. They also feature operational flexibility, which can help stabilize the grid and reduce the risk of electricity supply shortages. In addition, the turbine in a Singular Annular Combustor (SAC) configuration has the capability to burn up to 100% hydrogen by volume, which can reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions from power delivered by a gas turbine.

The new package was developed at GE Vernova’s Manufacturing Center in Veresegyház, Hungary, adopting GE Vernova’s most advanced lean methodologies and its benefits include:

  • Enhanced modularity in package mounted air filter including simplified structure for air filter
  • Base mounted generator & gearbox which reduces foundation labor
  • 50% reduction in number of accessories shipped to site with reduced lifts
  • Prepackaged roof skid, shipped as one piece
  • Reduced lube oil flushing with pre-flushed with interconnects and polishing kit
  • Improved drive train alignment procedure cutting alignment time in half
  • Improved maintainability and accessibility with platforms and ladders
  • Improved cable tray configuration

GE Vernova’s LM6000VELOX package is available in both simple and combined cycle configurations, as either a DLE or SAC (water injected) combustor configuration, and for both 50 and 60 Hertz segments.

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