Cross-fleet management for better performance

GE can help advance the health and efficiency of your major plant assets, including gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and boilers.


Gas turbine solutions

We are applying insights from our F-Class fleet—amassed from 50 million operating hours—to deliver better performance and reduced downtime for select Siemens and Mitsubishi gas turbines, including SGT-800 and 501F.

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Infographic: GE’s gas cross-fleet experience

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Generator solutions

Our cross-fleet generator solutions apply to all installed generator brands, regardless of cooling technology or size. Our cross-fleet experience includes 150+ stator rewinds.

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HRSG solutions

Our HRSG and boiler solutions support all OEM brands, including Babcock Borsig (now Bilfinger), AC Boilers, Nooter Eriksen, HRST, Stork, Vogt, and CMI.

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PressureWave+TM: Advanced HRSG cleaning technology


GE's cross-fleet solutions in action

Cross-fleet is GE’s portfolio of solutions for other OEM gas turbine brands, including Siemens and Mitsubishi.

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PressureWave+ boiler and HRSG cleaning

Lifecycle solutions for other OEM gas turbines

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