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GE's aeroderivative gas turbine technology

Our proficiency in gas turbine replacement and flange-to-flange (including plant integration) solutions for aeroderivative (aero), industrial, and heavy-duty gas turbines from different OEMs–including Siemens, Westinghouse, Pratt & Whitney or Rolls-Royce–will position your plant to be competitive in the future.

Why repower

Replacement gas turbines that fit into your infrastructure

Repowering is a beneficial solution for plant operators looking to reduce both upfront and operating costs, as well as emissions. Replacement gas turbines from GE allow your plant to achieve higher output and efficiency, which leads to lower $/kWh, and these newer gas turbines will help keep your plant more environmentally compliant.

Improved economics from repowering your gas turbine

Repowering your turbine assets with aeroderivative technology

With their origins from our fabled aviation technology, GE’s aeroderivative gas turbine portfolio features highly flexible and mobile technologies for use in a wide variety of applications. Our aeros are trusted and proven the world over and have a wide range of characteristics that make them a great choice for energy providers.

Repower with LM2500


Power range:
22 – 34 MW

Range of efficiency (simple cycle):

Hydrogen capability (% volume):
5% (DLE), 75-95% (SAC)

Emissions range:
DLE NOx of 15 ppm

Battery storage solution available:
Hybrid EGT solution

Operational flexibility:
- Start time/ramp up:
5 min start capable to maximum power

Synchronous condenser:

Repower with LM6000


Power range:
45 – 55 MW

Range of efficiency (simple cycle):

Hydrogen capability (% volume):
5% (DLE), 30-35% (SAC)

Emissions range:
25 ppm NOx (SAC), 15-25ppm NOx (DLE)

Battery storage solution available:
LM6000 battery Hybrid EGT

Operational flexibility:
- Start time/ramp up:
5 min start capable to maximum power
- Peak performance:
Up to 5 MW

Synchronous condenser:
Clutched or clutchless

Repower with LMS100


Power range:
117 MW

Range of efficiency (simple cycle):

Hydrogen capability (% volume):
5% (DLE), 30% (SAC)

Emissions range:
DLE NOx of 25 ppm NOX

Battery storage solution available:
Hybrid EGT solution

Operational flexibility:
- Start time:
10 min start capable to maximum power
- Ramp up:
<60 sec to 50% of power
- Peak performance:
Up to 8 MW


Repowering Australia

Discover how replacing gas turbines with new GE aeroderivative gas turbines is helping to keep South Australia powered, working alongside renewable energy resources for a sustainable energy future.

Origin Energy’s Quarantine Power Station worked with GE to keep businesses thriving
Get an inside look at EnergyAustralia’s Hallett Power Station repower project
Customer stories
  • Jamaica
Night view of Kingston Jamaica

Renewed reliability at Jamaica’s Bogue Power Station


+20 MW

power-output increase with the LM2500+


power increase with combined repowered turbine and LNG


"As the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, we see the use of LNG as resulting in greater stability in the price of electricity for our customers. By replacing a 19-year old unit with GE's advanced aeroderivative technology, we’ll be able to deliver more efficient power to our people, our businesses, and our critical facilities."

Joseph Williams

Senior Vice President of Generation, JPS

Project details

Integrating the LM2500+ gas turbine, GE Power Services signed an agreement with JPS to modernize its generation equipment and provide expert advisement at its Bogue Power Station in Montego Bay.

Aeroderivative repowers calculator

Calculate your potential savings

Benefits of Replacing Gas Turbines and Repowering

Aeroderivative repowers impact calculator

Prepare your plant for the future

With GE’s latest aeroderivative gas turbine technology, you can make your units more economically attractive and prepare your plant for its future energy needs through efficiency, output, and emission improvements.

The rapid growth of renewables is providing more opportunities for aeroderivative units to prove their worth as peakers, allowing you to benefit from grid balancing and ancillary services by replacing your current gas turbines.

How to repower with GE

Your options—regardless of gas turbine type

GE’s extensive experience in cross-fleet solutions means that whether you own a Siemens heavy-duty gas turbine or Rolls-Royce aeroderivative gas turbine engines, we will work with you to tailor the scope of the cross-fleet repower that suits your needs, maintaining as much of your existing infrastructure as possible—like balance of plant, switch gears, generator, etc.—to lower the cost.

  • Aero TruePackage
  • Retrofit program

The only authorized OEM certified pre-owned package offering in the industry.

Offers used/refurbished replacement aeroderivative gas turbine packages improved by GE’s engineered systems, components, upgrades and digital solutions.

How TruePackage works:



✓ 30% cost reduction compared with a new installation
✓ One-year OEM warranty and equipment performance guarantees
✓  Delivered in eight months or less

✓  Equipment selection and refurbishment plan driven by installed cost
✓  OEM certification can improve financing options and insurance premiums
✓  GE and WattStock co-located in Houston, TX service center

Retrofit program

Our gas turbine retrofit program can replace your gas turbine with a new or refurbished GE aeroderivative turbine within your existing package.



✓  Output (gen. output, gross, kw) guarantee
✓  Guaranteed HR, btu/(kW*h)
✓  NOx, Ref % O2, ppmvd guarantee
✓  CO, Ref % O2, ppmvd guarantee

✓  Full package and engine warranty
✓  Reuse of BOP equipment
✓  Current with all new production design and technology

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