Modernizing energy for 600,000 people

The challenge

With half of its infrastructure over 30-years old, Jamaica is seeking to modernize its power plants and cut its oil dependency with a diversified energy mix. And, rising connectivity on the island has JPS in need of more capacity for its power stations.

The solution

Integrating the LM2500+ gas turbine, GE Power Services signed an agreement with JPS to modernize its generation equipment and provide expert advisement at its Bogue Power Station in Montego Bay.


Diversified fuel meets the proven power of GE’s LM2500+

+20 MW

power-output increase with the LM2500+


power increase with combined repowered turbine and LNG


JPS customers in Jamaica


As the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, we see the use of LNG as resulting in greater stability in the price of electricity for our customers. By replacing a 19-year old unit with GE's advanced aeroderivative technology, we’ll be able to deliver more efficient power to our people, our businesses, and our critical facilities.

Joseph Williams

Senior Vice President of Generation, JPS

The integrated utility company JPS is committed to providing reliable power to its customers across the island of Jamaica. They see its availability as essential to improving lives and driving development.

After introducing liquefied natural gas (LNG) into its fuel mix for the 120-MW combined-cycle Bogue Power Station—and repowering with a GE LM2500+ aeroderivative turbine package—JPS gets a power output increase of 20 MW at the station, which gives service reliability on the island the jump it needs.

It’s a tall order to update a 30-year old energy infrastructure, but GE’s LM2500+ and LNG generation combined will increase JPS's total power production by up to 15%, adding balance to the plant and decreasing its reliance on fossil fuels.

GE and JPS have a longstanding relationship in power generation, transmission and distribution, and lighting. For the past 40 years, GE has provided maintenance support for equipment at three of JPS's power plants.

In addition to the unit, GE will provide installation services and inspection services to Bogue Power Plant’s existing brush generator. Modernizations like this have helped JPS meet the needs of its over 600,000 customers.

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