Extend carbon brush lifespan and reduce generator downtime

Generator collector brush holder

GE's generator collector brush holder includes several advanced features to improve key aspects of generator brush maintenance including safety and RAM (reliability, availability and maintainability).

  •  Improve your plant’s safety, reliability, availability and maintainability by reducing the risk of utility and industrial generator collector brush failure and increasing its life.
  • Benefit from lowered generator downtime with GE’s generator brush holder upgrade thanks to the most up-to-date maintenance strategies while the generator is in operation.

What are the benefits of generator collector brush maintenance?

  • Increase your plant’s safety: GE’s generator collector brush holder enhancements reduce the chance of contacting live brushes.
  • Expand generator brush life: Benefit from less collector brush wear, a decreased brush exchange time and carbon brush lifespan extension due to improved maintainability and without the need for tools.
  • Increase reliability and availability: GE's brush replacement services avoid incomplete installations and reduce the hazard of collector flashovers with our generator collector brush holder enhancements.

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