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We’ve been installing and maintaining power generators since the 19th century and have placed more than 14,000 medium and large generators into service. Our global network of service engineers and repair shops have performed hundreds of rotor field and stator repairs and responded to thousands of generator outages. As a result, GE is uniquely positioned to enable you to extend the life and reliability of your generator through industry-leading short-cycle large generator repairs.

Types of turbine generator repairs

No matter if it’s on-site or in our workshop, you can trust our commitment to quality generator repairs.


On-site power plant generator repairs

By leveraging decades of engineering and industrial generator repair experience, we’ve developed a wide range of on-site repair solutions to increase the reliability of your generator asset.

  • APLETEC*–Stator water box leakage repair
    Seal leaking water boxes by exposed coating with only disconnecting the hydraulic hoses (no bar removal)
  • Metal spraying–On-site generator rotor repair
    Rotor seal oil journals repair - Low coefficient of friction of the sprayed metal reducing rubbing effects between rotor shaft and oil seal rings
  • On-site stator core repair
    Prosthesis - Alternative technology to partial core ends restacking
  • Stator onsite re-wedging
    Retightening or replacement of the wedging system
  • Stator dovetail wedge shimming 
    In-situ wedge tightening process that nearly eiminates the material lead times and cuts the overall cycle time

*Trademark of General Electric


Workshop power generator repairs

GE is at the forefront of continuous improvements for power generators. Our leading workshop facilities are equipped with GE’s latest tools and equipment technology to repair any type and make of generator and restore full operational confidence.

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