Emergency power generation

Introducing the TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine

GE Vernova helped restore power after Hurricane Maria knocked out Puerto Rico’s power infrastructure in September 2017. In October, three GE TM2500 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generators arrived in Puerto Rico, one day after contracts were signed. Within 15 days, these generators were connected to the local power grid and power was restored to critical facilities around the capital, San Juan.

For power suppliers, the capacity to generate emergency power is essential. Whether need arises in an industrialized or emerging country, GE Vernova can provide fast emergency power delivery, installation, and production. With installation and commissioning in as few as 11 days, a TM2500 emergency power plant can help operators respond quickly to emergency situations with reliably generated power.


Emergency power plants providing temporary power

The trailer mounted TM2500 aeroderivative mobile gas turbine provides temporary emergency power generation, fast, with up to 36MW of power per unit. This mobile gas turbine power plant operates on many fuels, including gas, LPG, and distillate liquid fuel. Its flexibility protects against fuel supply disruptions, price volatility, and fuel adulteration. 

TM2500 units also come pre-packaged, providing a turnkey configuration, which saves valuable construction and lead time, as well as capital expenditures.


Additionally, even though the GE TM2500 can get things done quickly, GE Vernova offers a lifecycle partnership that doesn’t stop after your turbine starts up. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • On-call technical advisory services
  • Maintenance planning and training
  • On-site hot section, combustor, and other modular exchanges
  • Depot repair services for scheduled overhauls and unscheduled repairs
  • Performance testing

How GE Vernova can help

Emergency and temporary power applications

Emergencies or natural disasters can happen everywhere. The capacity to generate emergency power is essential, and when disaster strikes, you need emergency power—fast.

Natural disasters, plant shutdowns, grid instability, cyber incidents, and health emergencies may disrupt previously tested continuity plans. No matter where you are in the world, GE Vernova can provide temporary power generation with fast delivery, installation, and production.

Enhancing power generation to help meet demand

Population growth and increased living standards are driving increased needs for reliable power. GE Vernova has long provided emergency and temporary power generation solutions to providers facing disaster-related challenges or increasing demand. A reliable electric supply is also important for sustained economic growth. 

GE Vernova helps countries around the world enhance power generation to help meet demand. A reliable electric supply is also important for sustained economic growth.

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