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Generator Health Monitoring (GHM) for gas generators is a fully integrated and modular online remote monitoring suite available for any type of air-cooledwater-cooled, or hydrogen-cooled power plant generator. It allows continuous inspection and condition assessment as well as the earliest identification of any evolving issues.

With GHM solutions you will be able to implement a cost-effective condition-based gas generator maintenance strategy that can increase your power plant's reliability and availability, allowing improved outage planning and lifetime extension of the plant’s equipment while reducing maintenance costs.


Gas generator monitoring modules

The fully integrated gas generator monitoring platform is a modular system with a user-friendly web-based interface. With one care box, instead of several standalone systems, any combination or all of the following power plant generator parameters can be monitored in real time to assess conditions and the need for maintenance:

The partial discharge module monitors the partial discharges continuously within the generator stator winding and bus duct.

The rotor flux module tracks generator rotor winding inter-turn short circuits and identifies the magnitude and slot location of the fault.

The rotor shaft voltage module detects failures in the rotor winding insulation, shaft grounding system and excitation issues.

The end winding vibration module provides continuous monitoring of stator end winding vibration location and magnitude.

The temperature module constantly monitors the generator temperatures in line with operating conditions, trending deviations from design values.

The GHM platform is also engineered to be operationally compatible with most sensors produced and installed by third party manufacturers.

Gas generator monitoring service levels

Level 1 sensors

Permanently installed, including cabling and connection boxes (GE or most third party)

Level 2 Generator Online Diagnostic GOLD* service

  • Level 1 +
  • Gas Generator is monitored during a site visit by a GE diagnostic engineer
  • A diagnostic report is issued after each visit

*Trademark of General Electric Company

Level 3 service

  • Level 1 +
  • Gas generator is permanently monitored using a box installed on plant
  • Customer can visualize data instantly
  • Customer can ask for a report

Level 4 remote service

  • Level 3 +
  • GHM box is permanently connected to a GE monitoring center
  • GE will report condition on an agreed rhythm
  • GE will report alarms
On-demand webinar

Generator Health Monitoring: How online inspection reduces risk

Learn how generator health monitoring (GHM) helps deliver continuous, accurate operational data in an easy-to-use format that enables plant operators like you to make smarter maintenance decisions. Our GE experts will take you on a deep-dive exploration of GHM solutions and discuss successful experiences from the fleet.


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