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Best-in-class gas turbine repairs & maintenance

Best-in-class repairs solutions, such as our parts acquisition program and smart repairs, are cost-effective, properly scoped to your operational needs and optimized to reduce your downtime. Driven in large part by customer feedback, we have streamlined our heavy-duty gas turbine repairs solutions to eliminate steps, costs, and above all, time.

Global footprint and expertise

Our global footprint of repair shops is strategically located for agile responsiveness, tapping into regional compliance and regulatory expertise. We use new and advanced repair technologies to go beyond simply keeping you up and running—driving better performance from your heavy-duty gas turbines.

Cost-effective heavy-duty repairs and parts programs

Parts acquisition program

Our heavy-duty turbine parts acquisition program can help you reduce your inventory costs and simplify disposal of your used parts, while eliminating the need to buy or sell parts on the open market.

The acquisition transaction can be completed under the following circumstances:

  • Exchange for new parts
  • Credit towards an upgrade or new spares
  • Cash or credit for future purchases with GE

B/E/F-Class refurbished parts

Save time and money with cost-effective refurbished parts, a valuable alternative to buying new capital parts or extending your outage duration while parts are being repaired.

GE can help you choose the right combination of new and refurbished B/E/F-Class components to suit your needs and applications. Save even more when you exchange your old components for new or refurbished parts.

As part of the overall refurbished parts program you can benefit from GE’s parts exchange model. Here’s how:

  • GE will quote a price for your used part
  • If you agree, pay only the price differential of the refurbished or new part
  • We will manage all logistics and compliance associated with the exchange model


  • A TRUEpart is a genuine GE part, reconditioned to GE standards in an authorized GE shop
  • Built on 130 years of legendary GE expertise, design, and performance
  • Provides peace of mind no other part can bring
  • Designed and certified by the best source possible: the equipment manufacturer
  • Backed by the best standard warranty in the industry: new-part equivalent or full-interval

Zero-cycle repairs program

The zero-cycle repair program offers an efficient, cost-effective option that eliminates inventory carrying-costs and reduces your cycle time to “0”—since replacement parts are on-site at the outset of an outage. These parts are covered under the GE warranty until your next operating interval or one year (whichever comes first).

How it works:

  • You send us your heavy-duty turbine repair list
  • We quote you an estimate, and confirm replacement part availability
  • You install the replacement parts in your turbine and send your used parts to us for inspection and repair
  • We receive and conduct inspection of your used parts, then send an invoice and exchange fee for your approval
  • You approve the invoice and decide if you want to keep the replacement parts

When the repair is complete, the zero-cycle repair program offers three options for the replacement parts:

  • If you want original parts returned:
    - We repair, then return the parts per your instructions
    - You pay the repair invoice and return the replacement parts to us
  • If you want to keep replacement parts:
    - We repair the used parts, then restock them for future sale
    - You pay the repair invoice and exchange fee to keep the replacement parts
  • If you decide to keep the original parts and our replacement parts:
    - We repair and return the parts per your instructions
    - You pay for the repair invoice and the GE replacement parts

Third-party component repairs program

Our repairs team has broadened its portfolio of solutions to include servicing non-GE parts in GE heavy-duty gas turbines and GE parts that have previously been repaired by third-party service providers.

We approach third-party repairs maintaining a high degree of pricing integrity while delivering the same level of high quality standards to which you have grown accustomed.

How it works:

  • GE conducts parts inspection
  • GE delivers an estimate outlining scope
  • Upon customer approval parts repaired at GE repair facility

Smart repairs

Driven in large part by your feedback, our team has streamlined the process of scoping our heavy-duty gas turbine repairs. Our new, tiered approach provides you with more repair scope options than ever before.

Our heavy-duty gas turbine repair specialists stand ready to collaborate with you during the inspection, planning and quoting processes to determine the optimal repair solution for your desired outcomes

Our team has rededicated itself to being more flexible, responsive and cost effective in delivering the repair solutions you need, when you need them.

Rotor balancing

If you can hear the vibration, it’s probably weighing on you—especially in tight spaces where vibrations are “contagious”. GE Gas Power offers low-speed and high-speed balancing services as part of our rotor exchange/repair services.

Mechanical breakdowns can lead to costly delays that hurt you revenue. We’ll provide the proven generator rotor balancing that helps protect surrounding assets and your uptime.


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