Latest technology

Extend generator stator life and increase output

  • You can increase generator output by implementing the latest technology in insulation materials and improved end stator winding support systems.
  • Additionally, with our generator stator rewinds and upgrades, you’ll benefit from lowered generator downtime, thanks to the use of high-tech manufacturing processes, advanced tools, and standardized methods.
Generator Flex Package

Generator stator services for cycling operation

Power plant generators originally intended to be operated at base load. However, the industry shift to cycling operation has multiple implications for operation, like frequent starts and stops, peak operation, turning gear operation, etc. leading to additional stress and an increased risk for forced generator outages.


Fast generator stator rewind

Our fast stator rewind can be done in as little as 18 days and helps you take advantage of one technology and one process for any type of conventionally cooled generator. Every customer can benefit from a rapid response, shorter downtime, as well as increased cost efficiency, quality and reliability.

The GE advantage

  • Proven and reliable technologies and processes applied on both OEM and cross-fleet generator stators    
  • Regional capabilities supported by global expertise    
  • On-site stator rewind integrated in a major turbine outage    
  • Cross-fleet harmonization for rapid response
  • Up to 15% output increase (depending on generator type)         

Flex Package

GE’s Flex Package includes integrated stator and rotor upgrades that support your plant to be ready for cycling operation, as well as lowering the risk of failure of critical components in your power plant.

Benefits of the Flex Package

  • Lifetime extension of critical generator, like generator stators, components engineered for base load in power plants
  • Up to 5,000 start-stop cycles with old copper (depends on generator type)
  • Up to 10,000 start-stop cycles with new copper (depends on generator type)
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Replacement generator stator

A replacement stator is the preferred solution when your outage duration doesn’t support the time needed to rewind the stator. A replacement spare stator can also provide high plant availability when combined with an emergency response plan.

The GE advantage

  • Proven and reliable technologies
  • The replacement stator can be manufactured during the plant operations, so there’s no loss generation during stator production
  • A replacement stator is a great way to replace obsolete large globally impregnated stators
Featured video

Stator Rewinds: High Voltage Endurance Testing

Jessica Nimmons, Senior Engineer in the Generator Engineering Non-Metallic Materials Lab, explains the different types of testing performed on GE’s generator stators, including high-voltage endurance testing.

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