Fast, flexible, and a source of more sustainable power, GE’s LM2500XPRESS aeroderivative gas turbine is the right fit for Municipalities and Co-ops like West Texas Gas.

The challenge

West Texas Gas needed additional power that was both reliable and flexible to complement renewable power sources and provide stable power to its customers throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

The solution

GE provided two LM2500XPRESS power packages, each of which includes a GE LM2500* aeroderivative gas turbine modular package and an emissions control system to help WTG’s North Permian Midstream plant process gas.


Reliable, stable power


LM2500XPRESS units delivered


pre-assembled in the factory

60 MW

power output

42 regions

served throughout Texas and Oklahoma


With the increasing penetration of renewable energy, operational flexibility is key, and our aeroderivative turbines are engineered to provide reliable stable power to balance fluctuating renewable resources.

CEO of GE Gas Power’s Aeroderivative Business

Clive Nikolay

West Texas Gas provides natural gas distribution, gas gathering and processing, and natural gas liquids transmission services for its member utilities in the region.

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Fast, flexible power for West Texas Gas

Watch the first commercial installation of the LM2500XPRESS aero gas turbine, completed in just three weeks!

*Trademark of GE Vernova and/or its affiliates

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