Power generation in Tobago, an island full of possibilities

The challenge

The grid of the growing nation of Trinidad and Tobago becomes erratic during intense weather. With the need to have stable power in the face of such extremes, the Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission was looking for the missing piece to reinforce its Cove Power Plant. 

The solution

GE provided the island of Tobago with its first gas turbine. Derived from the CF6 family of aircraft engines, the highly efficient LM2500 aeroderivative unit delivers power with a reliability greater than 99% for the island’s Cove Power Plant and a population of over 60,000. 


Fueling the growth of an island nation


gas turbine on the island

20 MW/28,000             

households worth of power distributed to the grid


The island of Tobago is poised for productive growth, and to fuel that growth it made sense to tender for an additional generator. Our GE LM2500 aeroderivative, with its small footprint and high level of reliability was chosen, and we look forward to its performance for years to come.

Courtenay Mark

Chief Technical Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission

GE has inaugurated the first gas turbine for the island nation of Tobago, providing flexible and sustainable electricity to the country’s grid. Cove Power Plant provides the electricity equivalent of more than 28,000 households using the most reliable gas turbine in its class—the LM2500.

The powerful turbine has a lightweight, compact carbon footprint, generating environmentally conscious power by cutting harmful emissions and water consumption. That, plus its ultra-high reliability, makes it ideal for power applications like Cove Power Plant’s and an island nation of more than 60,000 people.

Cove Power’s LM2500 provides firming to grids like the Island of Tobago’s through a cycling capability for multiple starts and stops every day, and a high partial load efficiency and deep turndown. The addition is a great fit for this fast-growing grid, with plenty of compatibility for the island’s future of clean, renewable energy.

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