The challenge

Around every four years El Niño causes the Pacific Jetstream to flow south of Colombia and spread east, diminishing rainfall. The resulting dry season disrupts the hydropower production that the nation relies on for 75% of its energy.

Termoyopal Power—a natural-gas-fired plant—produces 2% of Colombia’s power and 10% percent of its thermal power. With the eventuality of such little rain, Termoyopal Power Plant needed a flexible alternative to hydropower.

The solution

Adding to the 50 MW power of two pre-existing units, GE modernized and expanded Termoyopal Power Plant with three 50 MW LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines, for a new installed output of 200 MW.

In replacing aging equipment, the LM6000 units won’t only reduce noise; their advanced dry low emissions pre-combustors can help cut carbon emissions by 40%, without needing water or steam injection.

“We’re proud to support Termoyopal in their energy transition to increase electricity production capacity with more efficient gas technologies, and bring more reliable and flexible power to Colombia—especially when it is most needed,” said Eric Gray, CEO of GE Gas Power for the Americas.


The result


local jobs created


This plant plays a crucial role in supporting the diversification of energy sources. Termoyopal power generation represents 2 percent of the national power, and 10 percent of our thermal power. This shows the relevance of Termoyopal plant and its impact on our energy system transformation.

Iván Duque

President of Colombia

Colombia aims for a modernized energy transformation. Its sustainability goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Not only did the upgrade project create 700 local jobs, the resulting energy supply diversifies power generation and renewable growth in Colombia, reinforcing its ability to respond to severe weather events and a lower carbon future.

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