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Benefits of lockout prevention

Reduce complications with gas turbine rotors and controls, protect uptime, see safer turbine inspection, and more, with:

  • Increased uptime
  • Elimination of up to 66% of shutdown conditions where the four-hour lockout can be avoided
  • Faster starts with no maintenance penalty
  • No six-minute limitation to solve non-critical faults
  • Automatic confirmation of bowed rotor condition and prevention of system from starting
  • Increased maintenance safety, as entry is not required to check rotor bow condition
  • Reduced risk of HPC/HPT rubs and rotor bow
  • Rotation verified by analog speed signal
  • Avoidance of severe damage to your gas turbines

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Convert, modify, upgrade

Our upgrade packages for LM2500, TM2500, and LM6000 gas turbines require modifications to their hydraulic starter systems and control system logic, also integrating:

  • Hydraulic rectifier manifold block
  • Pressure indicator
  • New start control logic block with speed feedback signals
  • Hydraulic line adapters, hoses, and additional hardware

Making your aeroderivative turbines better

For the LM6000, the hydraulic rectifier block is added to the start system to enable slow roll and soft start operating modes. You’ll be able to automatically check for a locked rotor without having to check manually.

The LM/TM2500 adds a DC motor to the gearbox for automatic rotor checking, and “borescope inspection mode” lets operators rotate motors from an HMI screen.

Three key modes of operation

Gas turbine lockout prevention options

Slow roll mode

Slow roll mode allows the DC motor to engage after certain emergency shutdown conditions and to rotate the high-pressure rotor at 80–120 RPM. This gives the operator time to address the trip condition and restore the unit to full power. The rotation provides uniform cooling to the rotor, letting the hydraulic start system re-engage the starter and re-start the gas turbine after the issue has been cleared.

Soft start mode

Soft start mode allows for periodic restart attempts during the lockout period, when it’s not advisable to attempt an automatic slow roll. A “soft start” automatically performs checks to determine if the gas turbine rotor is locked. If other requirements are met, the turbine follows a modified start cycle to achieve full power. If the rotor is locked in soft start mode, soft starts can be attempted every 15 minutes, as long as the hydraulic start system is available.

Borescope inspection mode

The borescope inspection mode allows the inspector to rotate the gas turbine engine from the HMI screen or the jog pendant depending on options chosen.

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