What can upgrading do for you?

  • The inlet air-cooling system allows increased power output if operating at full power conditions, or allows for a reduction of engine load while maintaining constant power output.
  • Depending on ambient conditions, the gross power output can be increased by as much as 11 MW.
  • The chiller coils can be used for anti-icing in the winter—an excellent method to increase power year-round.

How we get you there

  • An inlet chilling system cools the compressor air intake, increasing air density and thus engine output.
  • The inlet air can be cooled via water-cooled chillers or air-cooled chillers. Water-cooled chillers are more efficient but require a continuous supply of makeup water.

The inlet chilling system is skid-mounted and works as follows:

  • First, the combustion air passes through an inlet screen and barrier filter to prevent debris from entering the engine or fouling the coils.
  • The chiller coils utilize a water and glycol mixture to cool the air to the optimal temperature for the performance of the engine. The chiller coils can also be used as the heating coils in an anti-icing system during the winter periods.
  • The air is then scrubbed using a drift eliminator to remove airborne condensation and keep it from entering the engine.
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