Increased profitability, improved O&M costs

Today’s combined-cycle plant operators are facing critical component wear and tear due to equipment age and increasing cyclic duty. As a result, plant output and efficiency are on the decline and unplanned emergent work is becoming more common. But with an ASP upgrade, you will experience better steam flow, improved O&M costs and reduced life consumption—which will help keep you online and profitable for years to come.


ASP benefits

  • Reduced risk of unplanned outages and major emergent repairs during planned outages that are both costly and extend outage duration
  • Increased steam turbine output based on recovery of aging losses and improved technology
  • Enables combined-cycle plant upgrades that increase steam flow
  • Improved combined-cycle heat rate
ASP features

What’s involved in an ASP upgrade?


An ASP upgrade includes:

  • Singlet** diaphragms in the HP and IP sections
  • Modern N2 packing head configuration made of 9-Cr material with reduced axial loading and improved clearances
  • Enhanced sealing features including HP tip and root J-seals, N2 packing head brush seals, IP tip brush seals
  • The new steam path is designed to fit within the existing shell
Consider your options

Is an ASP Lite upgrade better for me?

If you aren’t experiencing any bending, cracks or other major issues with your steam generator rotor, a partial steam path upgrade (ASP Lite) is a better option than replacing your entire rotor. The ASP Lite upgrade addresses multiple TILs with a solution that includes improved materials, blade profiles, and advanced sealing for improved thermal efficiency.  The new steam path provides improved reliability, availability, thermal efficiency for increased MW output, and reduced plant heat rate.

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D10/D11 hardware repair and upgrade package summary

  Package 1
Component Repair
Package 2
Advanced Steam Path "Lite"
Package 3
Advanced Steam Path
Package 4
Advanced Steam Path "Plus"
Package scope
  • N2 packing head
  • Shell at N2 fit
  • Diaphragm dishing
  • Heat lathe rotor
  • Rotor rebalance
  • New blades 1st two stages HP & IP
  • New Singlet diaphragms (stages dished >.1")
  • Refurbished diaphragms (stages dished .06-1")
  • Modern seals w/optimized clearances
  • New N2 packing head
  • New, larger diameter rotor
  • New diaphragms/carriers
  • Modern seals w/ optimized clearances
  • New N2 packing head
  • Integral cover blades
Package 3 plus:
  • OpFlex* agility
  • Shell warming system (SWS)
  • GE’s next gen valves
*Trademark of General Electric Co.
Customer benefits
  • Lower cost
  • Addresses reliability short term to support long term plan to replace
  • Addresses reliability for units without rotor bow
  • Output & HR improvement
  • Reduced outage duration
  • Minor tuning of HP/IP swallowing capacity
  • Lower cost option
  • Addresses reliability including for rotor bow
  • Output & HR improvement
  • Reduces outage duration
  • Reduces potential for emergent work (outage extension)
Package 3 plus:
  • Start-up time reduction & more consistent start-up times
  • Hot start capability
  • Reduced rubs/vibration (SWS)
  • Reduced valve maintenance
  • Increased availability
  • Reduced FO damage
Address TILS Short Term Yes Yes Yes
Address rotor bow Short Term Good Better Best
ST MW output gain**
(fleet average)
None To be confirmed
(potentially Up to 0.9%)
Up to 2.2%
Up to 2.2%
CC HR improvement**
(fleet average)
None To be confirmed
(potentially Up to 0.3%)
Up to 0.7%
Up to 0.7%
Estimated outage days 35-55 days 25-30 days <35 days TBD
Operational flexibility None Minor tuning of HP/IP swallowing capacity Enhancement of plant upgrades (GT, HRSG, etc.) Package 3 Plus:
  • Faster, more consistent start-ups
  • Reduces cold/warm starts
Estimated delivery cycle N/A 40-45 weeks 45-65 weeks
(32 weeks for shell 2)
65 weeks
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** Trademark of General Electric Company

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