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What is the digital outage platform and how does it work?

What is the digital outage platform and how does it work?

The digital outage platform combines GE’s proprietary outage procedures and processes with mobile digital technology, replacing the former paper-based field execution method. This new approach includes:

  • Rail-mounted hardware
  • Large display screens on-site
  • Hardened, weather-proof tablets
  • Stored drawings, videos, step-by step procedures and checklists to advance the outage progress
  • Immediate feedback and updates that are available to other GE teams worldwide

Before the digital outage platform, outage execution was reliant on an onsite trailer, filled with piles of paper procedures and drawings. Now, instead of maintaining historical, paper-based documentation, the knowledge is fully digitized and enables real-time feedback and improvement with progress tracking.


Why are we implementing the digital outage platform?

The digital outage platform is shifting lean to the front lines of Gas Power. We’re implementing the digital outage platform to:

  • Create an integrated and scaled standard work practice for the entire field execution team.
  • Simplify the complexity of the tasks at hand.
  • Improve the safety, quality and efficiency of the outage process for the benefit of our customers.

What are the main benefits of the digital outage platform?

  • Eliminates administrative burden of delivering/maintaining physical binders/documents for the site team
  • Delivers useful content to the crews on site in a digital way that can be edited in real time, including tutorials in the format of images and video
  • Enables real time status checks and scheduling of work scope
  • Enables direct feedback from the site teams on processes and ability to easily update the work methods accordingly as needed

What gas turbine models are covered by the digital outage platform?

The digital outage platform is being rolled out globally, starting with 7F gas turbines. We added 9F at the beginning of this year, and will be adding 7E, 6F, and D11 later this year. Looking ahead, we will be including 9E, 6B, H-class and legacy Alstom (GT24) units sometime next year.

Customers have asked

Can the digital outage platform help reduce outage time—and if so, by how much?

We are seeing a reduction in outage time of about 20%—and sometimes as much as 40%—as a result of our standard outage scope (open, clean, and close). For example, we went live with 7F in January 2022, and focusing on standard scope, we removed 24% of the total outage time. We are looking to increase that number, and throughout 2023 our goal is to expand the total outage scope beyond the standard scope.

Is the digital outage platform a web-based application?

The digital outage platform is web-based. Customers and field service engineers can access the digital outage platform through a web interface, and all the data is stored on the cloud. When onsite, the site team accesses the the digital outage platform application on dedicated devices that are connected to the Internet. The digital outage platform was custom-made for GE, and we have made a substantial investment in security architecture to make sure the system is protected and performs well.

Does the digital outage platform run on GE data, or is it connected to the customer’s systems?

The digital outage platform is not connected to any customer system. As part of our connectivity system the digital outage platform includes an entire separate, cell-based system that connects to the towers, so our system is an island from the customer’s power plant. 

What are the site requirements for the digital outage platform?

The only site requirement for the digital outage platform is internet access.

How long does it usually take to complete a major scope 7FA outages?

Our best results on a hot gas path (HGP) in NAM was 13-14 shifts LOTO-to-LOTO, and the average is about 16 shifts. For a major inspection, best in class is about 23 shifts with the average still quite a bit higher.

Is the digital outage platform included with FieldCore’s Field Services?

The digital outage platform currently focuses on HGPs, major inspections, and C-inspections, but we intend to apply it to callouts as well. The digital outage platform will apply to both transactional (TX) customers and those who have long-term service agreements (LTSA) with us. There is no additional fee for the digital outage platform, as it’s our new standard for outages going forward.

Could the digital outage platform take the place of a daily outage update?

The digital outage platform process includes shift turnover notes, so it could eventually take the place of that daily review / update for the customer and site team.

Can I have access to the material in the digital outage platform?

We can provide customers with access to certain reporting information, real time schedule statuses, customer-related stop work events, suggested improvements, and approved data sheets.

Can the the digital outage platform tool help provide diagnostics in the event of a fault occurrence?

The digital outage platform isn’t tied to HMI or the operating system of a power plant, but it can help us to understand the quality and safety failures that occurred during an outage that may have led to the fault occurrence.

The tool allows us to know:

  • The person who performed the work
  • The time of day an event occurred
  • The specific step in the work method when something occurred

Armed with this information, we have the opportunity to diagnose the fault and prevent it from happening in the future.

Do I have to pay extra to get the digital outage platform as part of my outage?

No, we are introducing the digital outage platform to bring added value to our customers—efficiently, safely and with high quality, all while keeping the customer informed. There is no charge for this additional offering, as it’s part of our continuous improvement efforts.


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Customer stories
  • USA
Holland Michigan Lighthouse At Night. The beautiful big red lighthouse at Holland State Park at night with illuminated beacon.

Ramping up outage efficiency with an innovative approach



outage duration

6 days

faster than the average HGP

A customer in the Midwest turned to GE to manage a complex outage to restore its 7FA.03 gas turbines to their previous efficiency and output. GE and the customer worked together to complete an extensive outage to help the utility continue providing power to local residents.

Project details

The utility’s four 7FA.03 gas turbines, which are used as peaker units in simple cycle mode, were about to reach their 900 starts limit and needed to be serviced before they could be put back online. The customer provides electricity to close to 7 million residents, so it was crucial to complete the outage quickly—and effectively.

The GE team employed a new outage enhancement called “Live Outage”, which replaces a previously manual process with a more modern one to help improve the safety, quality and efficiency of onsite field execution. As a result of these process and technology improvements, the team was able to complete the outage in just 8 days—6 days faster than the average HGP, with no safety incidents. 

Note: Live Outage is currently available at select 7F locations and will be rolled out to all other GE technologies globally in the coming years.

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